Florida: Home to some of the most self-pampering citizens in the U.S.

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The Sunshine State has approached new levels of topping “best of” and similar rankings in 2021—some good and some bad. So far, Florida has managed to clinch top spots in: 

And much more…

This time around, Florida has managed to get two major metropolitan areas into the top-3 most pampered cities in America per capita.

It’s no secret that Florida is home to many celebrities, retirees, and people looking to find an excuse to relax. While there is no shortage of beaches, hotels, and spas to visit to release some stress, there is far more to self-indulging than one may think. 

Groupon, the coupon/event saving company, released a comprehensive list of the country’s most pampered cities based on self-care. The study revealed that Groupon customers enjoyed pampering themselves at the spa (67%), investing in their mental health/wellness (61%), and losing stubborn weight (55%) topped the list of most purchased beauty and wellness activities. 

The uptick in self-pampering is likely due to health concerns as a result of the pandemic and the importance of taking care of one’s health. Wellness industry giant Mindbody reported that 78% of Americans considered health and wellness to be more important than ever before when compared to pre-pandemic times. 

Well, well, well… there should be no surprise in learning that the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area came in at number 2 on the list, and Tampa followed suit at number 3. The only city to beat out the two Florida areas? “Sin City” Las Vegas.

This means Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Tampa residents enjoy haircuts, manicures and pedicures, facials, cosmetic botox, teeth whitening sessions, tanning, and massages more than everyone else in the nation on a per capita basis except for Vegas. 

Following the top-3 were the following cities: 

  1. Phoenix
  2. Denver
  3. San Diego
  4. Orlando
  5. Dallas
  6. Cleveland
  7. Houston

For the complete list of cities that made Groupon’s rankings, visit their website by clicking here

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