Is Florida the worst state to drive in? The results will shock you

Traffic Jam on I-95 – Courtesy: Shutterstock- Image by  cate_89

Would you be shocked if we told you Florida was not the worst state to drive in? Contrary to popular belief, Florida is not the best nor the worst state to drive in, according to a recent study conducted by WalletHub.  

The study by WalletHub compared 31 key indicators across all 50 states ranging from gas prices to road quality and rush-hour congestion—all of which Florida would happily claim to be towards the bottom. Turns out, the Sunshine State isn’t so bad at all, landing in the middle of the rankings at number 27 of worst states to drive in.

But before we evaluate the findings, let’s review other metrics and data revealed by the study. 

It’s no secret that traffic at any time of the day is not welcomed. It causes road rage, delays, and wastes more gas. In fact, the study shows that being stuck in traffic cost U.S. motorists $88 billion in 2019, with an average of just under 100 hours wasted on congested roadways. With those numbers in mind, the U.S. occupies 19 of the top 25 spots on North America’s worst traffic congestion cities and five of the top 25 in the world

Though in 2020, the number of cumulative miles traveled by motor vehicles dropped by almost 14 percent or the equivalence of 380 billion miles when compared to 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, per the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). 

Source: WalletHub

Now for Florida’s numbers.

  • #27 overall of 50 for worst driving
  • #31 overall of 50 for cost of ownership and maintenance
  • #37 overall of 50 for traffic and infrastructure 
  • #29 overall of 50 for safety 
  • #3 overall of 50 for access to vehicles and maintenance

These numbers were enough to land Florida in the middle of the pack in a surprising fashion. 

Aside from the data above, Florida also came in second for most car washes per capita but tied at 45 for the highest percentage of rush-hour traffic congestion, only behind Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and California. 

Perhaps Florida isn’t as bad as previously thought. But with record-high rising population numbers in the state, could this ranking be exposed and push Florida on the scale’s negative side? Only time will tell—so enjoy the “mild” traffic conditions now.  

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