The Sunshine State’s interesting history in Hollywood

Old Hollywood Glam – Woman Posing In Black & White – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Anneka Several Hollywood blockbuster hits have been filmed in the Tampa Bay area, and famous actors have flown in to perform in front of our breathtaking backdrop. Here is a summary of Florida’s cinematic history. Today, the Tampa Bay

Five hidden bars in Central Florida that are worth exploring

Speakeasy bars – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Maksym Fesenko Many don’t know that some of Central Florida’s secrets include hidden bars that may require a password to enter. The discreetness of today’s speakeasies, which are generally tucked away in restaurants or other public places, is helping them grow in favor. The nostalgic atmosphere provided

Tampa hits big on Top 100 Places to Dine in Florida Yelp list

Yelp App – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by dennizn The Tampa Bay region is becoming well-known in Florida’s culinary world. A stunning 22 neighborhood restaurants made the list of the Top 100 Places to Dine in Florida 2023 that Yelp published on Tuesday. The No. 2 slot went to Tikka Indian Food in Venice, barely

Following the showing of Michelangelo’s “David” to students, a principal is dismissed and then invited to Italy

Michelangelo’s “David” – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Davide Trolli Every year, sixth-graders at Tallahassee Classical School are taught about and shown a photograph of Michelangelo’s “David” statue, but this month, something went horribly wrong, leading to a letter of apology to parents, an urgent meeting of the school board, and the resignation of a

The origins and incredible end of the Chrysler 300’s legend

Photo Source/Copyright: Chrysler The Chrysler company may currently be connected with minivans due to its major emphasis on the Pacifica in recent years. The full-size Chrysler 300 sedan, though, briefly caught the interest of middle-class families and even some notable people as they passed by. Every iteration of the vehicle had a stylish design that

Florida House passes the permitless carry bill

Permitless Carry – Protestors rallying for gun control – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Heidi Besen A bill allowing gun owners to carry a concealed weapon without state permission was approved by lawmakers in the Florida House of Representatives on Friday. Following passing the bill by a vote of 76-32, HB-543 will now proceed to

UM Men’s Basketball team returns to South Florida after making it to the Final Four

University of Miami Hurricanes Logo – Final Four – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by University of College The Miami Hurricanes, who reached the Final Four, left for home early on Monday morning. Following their victory over the Texas Longhorns, several University of Miami students got up extra early to welcome the Canes as they returned

Miami mayhem is caused by Florida spring break revelers while chaos is avoided in Fort Lauderdale

Beachgoers sprawled throughout Miami Beach during spring break – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Angela N Perryman Miami Beach was completely destroyed by violent spring break parties, but Fort Lauderdale, Florida, roughly an hour up the coast, was where the fun continued. Coeds in bikinis traveled to popular coastal holiday destinations in the Sunshine State

Deadly fungal infection spreading at alarming rate throughout Florida

Lab tech testing fungal infection in petri dish – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by angellodeco A dangerous fungus that preys on patients with serious medical issues is spreading throughout hospitals and other healthcare institutions, prompting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue an alert. The fungus kills 30–60 percent of those who contract

Florida’s Best Beer Awards go to breweries in Pensacola: These are the 13 winning brews

Craft Beer Pour — Courtesy: Shutterstock — Antov Bannov “Where can I get the best beer?” is one of life’s most important questions to some, and every year the Sunshine State faces off in the Best Florida Beer Competition. Six breweries from the Pensacola area won gold, silver, and bronze medals the previous year. Seven