Winter Is Coming: Temperatures To Reach As Low As The 30s In Some Parts Of The State

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A welcoming gift for the winter season or parting gift for getting through the hurricane season, who knows, but Florida: it’s time to bring out those coats and boots that you bring out once a year for sub-70 degree temps.

As we say farewell to the stormy season, winter is coming, and that means the slightest temperature drop below 70 warrants proper emergency action to put on a long sleeve, a beanie, and maybe gloves (if you get that cold.)

Hello December and hello long lost jacket that hasn’t been used since last year. This week, Florida can begin to expect seasonally low temperatures reaching as low as the 30s in the panhandle and northern portions of the state and 50s-60s in the southernmost points, thanks to the first major front of the season.

The National Weather Service is calling the front “the coldest temperatures of the season.”

Now, Florida had its fair share of hot days this year, and it’s time for the tides to change in the opposite direction.

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Courtesy: South Walton Fire Department @SWFDINFO

Monday started out with numbers across the state ranging in the mid-high 60s and low 70s, practically air conditioning weather, with temperatures to begin dropping later in the evening.

However, save your coat and boots for Tuesday-Friday of this week as temperatures are expected to reach as low as freezing in parts of the state and the 40s in the more notably warm parts like South Florida and the Keys.

Some counties are even issuing freeze warnings for residents, which means “significant, widespread freezing temperatures are expected,” according to the weather service. Cities in and around the panhandle are even providing shelters for the homeless.

“Coldest temps of the season so far! Protect the 4 Ps of cold weather: People, Pets, Plants, and (uninsulated/outdoor) Pipes!,” tweeted the National Weather Service Tallahassee office.

A list of major cities throughout the state and the temperatures it will report throughout the week can be seen below: 

Key West7362
Boca Raton7551
Courtesy: Florida Insider

The temperatures are courtesy of The Weather Channel and highlight the highest temperatures of the week and the lowest between today and Saturday.

Stock up on hot chocolate and churros and dust off those boots cause this week will be a chilly one.

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