How the UAW strike will impact consumers

Ford Logo – Source: Ford On September 14, 2023, at midnight, approximately 150,000 members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, who build domestic cars for manufacturers like Ford, went on strike. The automobile industry is preparing for a significant effect due to the strike’s size and the fact that it is the first time

What Makes the Ford F-150 a Reliable Pickup Truck Choice?

Photo Credit: Ford Unquestionably a true pickup truck, the Ford F-150 is renowned for its exceptional features that have made it a longtime favorite among truck enthusiasts. The F-150 stands out as a true representation of strength and dependability thanks to its strong performance, tough design, and versatile capabilities. Its outstanding performance is one of

Welcoming the all-new 2024 Ford Ranger

2024 Ford Ranger – Photo Source/Copyright: Ford Ford unveiled the 2024 Ford Ranger pickup, demonstrating that the model is ready for a global journey. The 2024 Ranger is designed to give owners the opportunity to accomplish more of what they love outside, with smart new features that satisfy exacting needs. For 2024, the suspension, connection,

Off-road flair is added to the Ford Explorer Timberline

Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis Adventure and the Ford Explorer go hand in hand, but it is the Ford Explorer Timberline trim that takes off-roading to another level. Those who seek a family hauler but want to go mountaineering will be ecstatic to learn that this three-row crossover SUV offers riders immense amounts of off-road flair. Even

Thanks to Ford, #VanLife just got even better

Photo Source/Copyright: Ford Ford Pro CEO announced some big news for #VanLife enthusiasts as he stated that the Ford Transit will expand in the upcoming year (2023). Ford will debut the all-new 2023 Transit Trail van in the next couple of months, displaying its new adventure-seeking car and all of its capabilities. The days of

Ford F-150 Raptor R to Make Debut in 2022; Dubbed “Scary Fast”

Ford F-150 Raptor R – Photo Source/Copyright: Ford via Twitter The Ford F-150 lineup is set to welcome a new trim and several other variants right ahead of the 2023 model year. A two-tone Heritage Edition F-150 is first up, just in time for the model’s 75th anniversary, while an entry-level, off-road Rattler trim comes

Ford patents new innovative multifunction car visor

Ford Patents Multifunction Car Visor – Photo Source/Copyright: Ford First came the visor, followed by the addition of mirrors and lights–but what’s coming next? If Ford gets its way, the visor should receive a few interesting tweaks. Bosch first developed its virtual visor a couple of years ago, but that innovation hasn’t made it to

Ford Ranger could see redesign soon

Ford Raptor – Courtesy: Image by Ford A redesign for the Ford Ranger pickup truck is currently on its way to the Australian market, but don’t be discouraged. This reworked model is also a precursor to the Ranger coming to the United States soon. This mid-size truck is a favorite among Ford buyers who want