Ford patents new innovative multifunction car visor

Ford Patents Multifunction Car Visor – Photo Source/Copyright: Ford

First came the visor, followed by the addition of mirrors and lights–but what’s coming next? If Ford gets its way, the visor should receive a few interesting tweaks. Bosch first developed its virtual visor a couple of years ago, but that innovation hasn’t made it to the market just yet. This time around, it’s Ford that’s up for a fresh multifunction car visor.

The patent in question depicts a visor with several layers, each of which serves its own particular purpose. Buyers should expect the visor to do much more than merely block out the sun, in addition to the already-expected traditional characteristics (and the design of the visor itself). According to the patent, the visor will include a visual display that can show GPS routes, data from the head-up display, map images, and even photographs taken straight from the vehicle’s cameras.

The mirror portion of the multifunction visor will, of course, include user-controllable lighting. An ambient light sensor can also alter the illumination automatically. Rather than having a standard stationary mirror and a light set behind a flap, consumers can choose which elements of the visor they need to use by switching between each layer.

In recent years, Ford has been experimenting with the addition of displays and screens to its automobiles. Ford ensures that it stays ahead of the curve, given the present trend of technologically improved vehicles. While some experts say that adding another screen to a vehicle’s interior is a polarizing idea, many of them agree that Ford’s latest inventive concept is at the very least an interesting one. It remains to be seen whether it would resonate with future buyers. 

Additional Ford Patents

Ford recently expanded its patents pertaining to police cruisers; the company has been producing vehicles for the police service since 1950. Ford patented a heated software upgrade in recent years that can turn the Police Interceptor Utility into an oven, causing temperatures to rise to levels high enough to kill any lingering bacteria and viruses. Ford has also filed a patent for a self-driving police car. Currently, the manufacturer is working on a system that can automatically secure a vehicle if it detects a motorist bailing on a hole using a sensor.

Given how often police cars are taken for a joyride, such an improvement may allow the doors to be automatically locked, the onboard computer to be turned off, and the gun vault to be locked shut. If necessary, other components can also be disabled. 

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