If Florida isn’t the mosquito Capital of the U.S. then who is?

Woman hiking and putting on bug spray – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by encierro

Any Florida resident will tell you mosquitoes are a nuisance and that they are likely bitten thousands of times throughout the course of the year unless they stay inside the house. 

A recent study conducted by pest control company Orkin revealed the top cities ravaged by pesky mosquitoes, and the results are quite surprising. 

Considering Florida’s swampy, humid, and wet conditions for a large portion of the year, only five cities in the state made it onto Orkin’s 2021 “Top 50 Mosquito Cities List.”

The list compiled commercial and residential data from the top 50 cities that Orkin customers were served between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021.

Of the 50 cities that made the list, only five Florida cities earned a spot, with the highest-ranking city being Miami at No.8. The top spot in the country went to Los Angeles, followed by Atlanta, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Chicago. 

Here are the five Florida cities that made the list and how they ranked compared to last year’s report:

City2020 Rank2021 Rank
Tampa 1613
West Palm Beach3430

“Mosquitoes need a food source, favorable temperatures, and a proper breeding site to survive,” said Frank Meek, technical services manager for Orkin’s parent company Rollins, in a release.

Unfortunately, the Sunshine State is a perfect storm for these insects. Mosquitoes are generally most active in temperatures above 68 degrees overnight, and peak breeding is in the wet summer months between May and September.

“They are attracted to areas where humans and other animals are present due to our body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale,” Meek added.

With those conditions, it’s no wonder why family barbeques and picnics are a hotspot for the blood-suckers.

Mosquitoes are widely known for their vector-borne disease carry capabilities, posing a significant threat to humans and pets.

As Florida rolls into the expectedly busy hurricane season and temperatures begin to climb, here are some tips to protect yourself from countless bites.

  1. Wear bug repellent or invest in zapper. We can’t stress this enough. By adding an extra layer of protection, you can protect yourself, your family, and your pets from unwanted bites and potential sickness.
  2. Stay away from standing water such as ponds, fountains, potted plants, and small kiddie pools. While it’s hard to stay away from these, limit your time around them, especially after a rainy day.
  3. Make sure all entrances to your house or apartment, including screen doors and windows, are completely covered.
  4. Stay away from debris, old food, and exposed garbage. Mosquitoes love these areas and will definitely shift attention if you are nearby. 

Florida is a haven for these bugs, and the top 50 chart shows why. Protect yourself and keep an eye out for the small biters.

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