Ravaging canine flu makes its way into the Sunshine State

Dog being nasal swabbed after suspected canine flu – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by yangtak

In the U.S., a ravaging canine influenza virus is spreading.

A highly contagious H3N2 virus outbreak has been reported by veterinarians in California, Texas, North Carolina, and now Florida.

There is no proof, according to experts, that the virus spreads from dogs to people, although it can affect other canines and is thought to originate from those kept in kennels and shelters. According to scientists, the canine flu spread from horses to dogs.

“The dog flu is extremely worrisome,” said Dr. Bill Klein, veterinarian at Pine Castle Animal Care Center. “We haven’t seen an outbreak in Florida in almost 10 years. And this last summer, it’s been all over the place.”

Dr. Klein compares the COVID-19 virus to the H3N2 virus since both are highly contagious but rarely lethal.

“They say between six and eight percent are going to die from it that get it. And typically, from secondary infections, bacterial infections — that sort of thing,” he said.

According to Dr. Klein, there are symptoms of the infection in dogs. There is also substantial nasal discharge, extensive eye tearing, a 104-degree temperature, and vomiting.

It’s crucial to grasp Dr. Klein’s commitment to animals in order to comprehend his concerns.

The 30-year vet recently traveled to Ukraine to aid displaced animals as a result of his time and service donation.

“We saw lacerations, fractured bones, eye injuries, shrapnel wounds, bones out of place. I was able to fix a number of those things. At least, in war-time field medicine, as best I could,” Dr. Klein said.

Dr. Klein has started giving canines the virus vaccine, but he acknowledges that it is expensive, costing approximately $200. Dog owners are frequently discouraged from vaccinating their animals due to the cost.

“There are some cases in the Volusia County and the Daytona area that tested positive,” he said. “But, there is a lag time between testing and the results back from the test. So, it’s probably closer to us than we are aware of.”

The veterinarian predicted that the virus would inevitably spread throughout the Sunshine State this year.

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