Experts warn South Florida dog owners of an increase in toxic bufo toads

Bufo Toads – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Joe McDonald

More bufo toads have reportedly been spotted in South Florida, prompting experts to warn dog owners to keep a watchful eye and exercise caution.

Despite not being native to Florida, bufo toads are deadly to canines.

If your dog is exposed to the toxin, it may cause seizures and even death.

The owner of Toad Busters in Palm Beach County said that hundreds have already swarmed a single Palm Beach subdivision this year.

When a dog licks or bites a bufo toad, the toad emits a poison that may cause convulsions in the dog and, in some situations, may even be fatal.

There are a few steps you can take if your pet comes in contact with a bufo toad:

  • Immediately rinse their mouth out with water
  • Seek help and rush them to the nearest veterinarian
  • Activated charcoal helps bind the toxin to help remove it
  • Avoid walking near large ponds as the toads reproduce near ponds and lakes

When landscaping, keep outdoor furniture at least a foot above the ground when gardening to prevent toads from settling in your yard.

Although it’s difficult to say whether the mild winter South Florida recently experienced may have had an impact, experts are reporting seeing more toads than ever before, according to the owner of Toad Busters.

In previous years, about 60 toads would be cleared. However, they are now clearing more than a thousand of these venomous creatures.

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