Unknown object appears on a Florida beach, sparks speculation among beachgoers

Mysterious object appears on Florida beach – Credit: Volusia County

At Daytona Beach Shores in Volusia County, Florida, there is something peaking through the beach that has locals and officials buzzing with curiosity.

Volusia County Beach Safety and beachgoers recently spotted the mysterious object, according to a series of announcements sent by county officials via email.

They claimed that beach erosion brought on by Hurricanes Nicole, which tore through Florida last month, and Ian, one of the most destructive hurricanes to batter the country in the previous ten years, made the object visible in part. The object was discovered just south of Daytona Beach due to persistently high tides and choppy surf.

According to officials, the object is around 80 feet long and looks to be constructed of metal and wood. Due to the fact that water covers it during high tide, it could not be roped off.

“The state underwater archaeological team has been notified to investigate further,” said Kevin Captain, a spokesman for the Volusia County government.

On social media and regional news websites, theories concerning the object have gone rampant. It has been speculated to be a barrier, a shipwreck, a section of an old pier, or spectator seats from the days when NASCAR had beach races.

“It is a mystery,” said Tamra Malphurs, a spokeswoman for Volusia County Beach Safety. “Many people think it is an old ship of some sort.”

At low tide on Monday, according to Ms. Malphurs, state archaeologists will inspect the artifact, which is made up of numerous rows of wood pieces that protrude from the sand. She speculated, “There might be some metal there.” “We are not certain,”

She said, “On Friday, it was undetectable—submerged in high tide.”

Although it is unknown what the object might be, Florida’s coasts and shores have recently uncovered surprises both old and new, uncovered by the sweep of shifting sands from storms, erosion, and tides.

A couple strolling along Crescent Beach in 2020 spotted some wooden bolts and beams sticking out of the sand. It was thought to be a piece of the 19th-century ship Caroline Eddy, according to maritime archaeologists.

A rare 1715 Fleet gold coin was discovered in 2021 by a high school student south of Turtle Trail Beach, off the east coast of Florida. On a beach in St. Augustine, a man discovered a diamond ring in October that was worth roughly $40,000.

“Every now and then, something pops up, and usually, you can tell what it is,” Ms. Malphurs said. “This one, you just can’t confirm.”

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