As Spring Breakers hit Florida for warm escape, Walt Disney World reservations are sold out

Cinderella’s Castle at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park. Photo: aliwigle/

Florida has always been a popular destination for spring breakers across the country. 

This year more than ever, will test Florida’s ability to handle a likely surplus of visitors from all states because of COVID-19 restrictions everywhere but in the Sunshine State. 

As travelers look to come to Florida for spring break, many theme parks and beaches are filled with thousands of outsiders looking to escape the northern states.

The rush of spring break truly begins this week, and if Walt Disney World reservations selling out is any indication of how many people are visiting the state, Florida is in for quite a spike in tourism figures. 

According to the Walt Disney World website reservation system, all four parks are sold out next Monday through Friday, and Hollywood Studios is sold out for the rest of March.

The Orlando theme parks are currently operating at a reduced capacity and continue to use a reservation system for all park visits. With a 35 percent operation capacity limit, Orlando’s Disney parks continue to sell out the maximum number of tickets on a regular basis and will likely continue well through the summer months if the pandemic rates remain steady. Reservations are required to visit the parks and remain open through their online system through January 14, 2023. 

The company recently released its plans to celebrate its upcoming 50th anniversary at the four parks beginning Oct. 1. and will last 18 months with “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” event series. 

Little by little, the park system has increased reservation limits at the parks, but it is unknown when the next increase will come.

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