Category six hurricane? A popular TikTok video asserts that a powerful hurricane would “destroy” Florida

Hurricane Aerial View – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by elRoce According to a video that has already gone popular on TikTok, a Category 6 storm will hit Florida and the Carolinas on September 6. According to the video, which has received close to 2 million views, meteorologists are not discussing this storm. This is so

After being attacked on her arms, legs, and stomach by a shark, a 13-year-old Florida girl fought back

Great White Shark – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Martin Prochazkacz A 13-year-old girl successfully fought off a shark in the waters off Fort Pierce, Florida, and is now recovering from bites on her body, arm, finger, and knee. Ella Reed lives across the street from the beach, but she encountered what she believes to

Deadly fungal infection spreading at alarming rate throughout Florida

Lab tech testing fungal infection in petri dish – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by angellodeco A dangerous fungus that preys on patients with serious medical issues is spreading throughout hospitals and other healthcare institutions, prompting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue an alert. The fungus kills 30–60 percent of those who contract

Remember that mysterious object found on a Florida beach? It’s a shipwreck!

Shipwreck appearing through sand — Courtesy: Shutterstock — Image by: Yehonatan Richter Levin Theories about what the unusual 80-foot-long wood and metal object at Daytona Beach Shores in Volusia County, Florida, might have been solved after it was discovered last month. Some speculated that it might be a piece of a shipwreck. It was suggested

Green iguana causes ‘large scale’ power outage in Florida city

Green iguana sitting by lake — Courtesy: Shutterstock — Image by: Lacey Lin Photography Officials in a South Florida city said an iguana was at fault for causing a “large scale” power outage this past week. Beach Electric Utility crews responded to the pesky outage on Wednesday afternoon in Lake Worth, Florida. “[Lake Worth Beach]

Viral Video: Terrified crowd flees stands as charging bull escapes at Florida State Fairgrounds

Man on bull at bull riding competition – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by YES Market Media Frantic video footage shows the scary moment a bull broke out of its pen and charged into the stands of a Florida rodeo Saturday, sending terrified spectators running for safety.  Footage shot by an audience member showed pure chaos