SpaceX ends 11-day launch draught with Falcon 9 rocket Monday evening

SpaceX Rocket Launches — Courtesy: Shutterstock — John Huntington SpaceX finally launched a Falcon 9 rocket late Monday night, capping an 11-day launch drought caused by wind that was the longest for the Space Coast since April. The delay occurred after this weekend’s extreme weather passed. A cold front dropped the temperature to 56 degrees

SpaceX astronauts return to Earth after a five-month deployment off the coast of Florida

SpaceX Rocket Launch – Courtesy: Shutterstock — Oleg_Yakovlev During a brief SpaceX ride home, four astronauts from the space station arrived back on Earth late on Saturday. Their capsule landed with a splash in the Gulf of Mexico, not far from Tampa in Florida. The American-Russian-Japanese crew, which arrived in October last year, spent five