SpaceX ends 11-day launch draught with Falcon 9 rocket Monday evening

SpaceX Rocket Launches — Courtesy: Shutterstock — John Huntington SpaceX finally launched a Falcon 9 rocket late Monday night, capping an 11-day launch drought caused by wind that was the longest for the Space Coast since April. The delay occurred after this weekend’s extreme weather passed. A cold front dropped the temperature to 56 degrees

Wednesday night’s Falcon Heavy launch will cause sonic booms along Florida’s Space Coast

Falcon Heavy Launch (Not pictured) – SpaceX Rocket Launches — Courtesy: Shutterstock — John Huntington Residents of Florida’s Space Coast might hear some loud booms on Wednesday night as SpaceX launches a satellite the size of a school bus using a Falcon Heavy rocket. The Jupiter 3 (Echostar XXIV) communications satellite will be launched by

Astonishing rocket launch viewing from Florida’s Space Coast

Rocket launch from Florida Space Coast – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by TimBurgess Many people consider witnessing a real rocket launch in South Florida to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, it’s simpler than you may imagine crossing that experience off your bucket list because more rockets are being launched from the Space Coast by SpaceX,

SpaceX astronauts return to Earth after a five-month deployment off the coast of Florida

SpaceX Rocket Launch – Courtesy: Shutterstock — Oleg_Yakovlev During a brief SpaceX ride home, four astronauts from the space station arrived back on Earth late on Saturday. Their capsule landed with a splash in the Gulf of Mexico, not far from Tampa in Florida. The American-Russian-Japanese crew, which arrived in October last year, spent five

Multiple SpaceX launches to begin Thursday in Florida

SpaceX Rocket Launches — Courtesy: Shutterstock — John Huntington SpaceX plans to begin a surge in launch activity Thursday with a Starlink launch from Florida heading south along the Sunshine State’s coastline. Five SpaceX missions may launch within the next month on the southern polar trajectory, flying much closer to the Florida coast toward Miami

Florida’s aerospace agency, Space Florida, aims to bring 2,100 manufacturing jobs to Brevard County

Space Florida — Courtesy: Shutterstock — Image by: athlux Space Florida pushed forward with negotiations on Tuesday to bring 2,100 spacecraft manufacturing jobs to Brevard County over the next three years.  The Space Florida Board of Directors approved a staff request to complete negotiations with a company that is expected to invest more than $300