Florida sues Biden administration over “unlawful” immigration policies

Joe Biden – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by lev radin

On Tuesday, the state of Florida sued the Biden administration over its border policies.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed the suit, alleging that the Biden administration’s catch-and-release policy is illegal and violates either an abuse of authority or a federal immigration law.

The lawsuit adds that the policy causes harm to the state of Florida because “those released will arrive in Florida, harming the state and forcing it to incur millions of dollars in expenses.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis discussed the situation at the border during a news conference on Tuesday. He cited the numerous arrests made by Florida law enforcement officers who were sent to assist officers at the border. He detailed his visit there as well.

“I was able to see firsthand what was going on,” DeSantis said. “It’s very clear that open borders are the Biden Administration policy.”

DeSantis continued, “They want a massive illegal migration into this country,” referring to the Biden administration. “They are farming out people all across communities across the United States, including here in Florida.”

He stated that people entering the United States illegally are being transported to several communities across the United States, including Florida. He stated concerns over it being unknown whether the people entering the U.S. illegally have criminal records.

“We bear the cost of most of this,” DeSantis said. He went on to say, “we’re entitled to know what’s going on.”

Ashley Moody, Attorney General, then spoke about Florida suing the Biden administration.

“Criminal cartels are having a field day. I can assure you, their profits are skyrocketing,” Moody said regarding activity at the border.

Moody’s suit alleges that the Biden administration’s immigration policy is in violation of these rules. 

“The government is not free to ignore the clear commands of Congress,” the lawsuit states. “It has claimed that it lacks the resources and detention capacity to process the surge of migrants at the border.”

The lawsuit alleges that the Biden administration “has actively sought to eliminate measures that increase its resources and detention capacity, such as the Migrant Protection Protocols (also known as the ‘wait in Mexico policy’), and has even asked Congress to reduce the number of immigration detention beds available to it.”

“Further, it is the Biden administration’s misguided policies that have encouraged more migrants to make the dangerous journey to the United States,” the lawsuit says. “The government cannot, therefore, use a purported lack of resources as an excuse to ignore congressional mandates.”

Moody’s office announced that since President Biden took office in January, the United States has released at least 225,000 migrants at the border.

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