Immersive Patient Digital Smart Rooms being implemented by Florida Health System

Courtesy: Shutterstock – Photo By Stokkete

Step aside, smartphones… smart rooms for hospital patients are the new thing across one Florida healthcare system that aims to convert all of its patient rooms into a fully immersive digital experience. 

Last week, NCH Healthcare System, a leading healthcare system in Southwest Florida, announced that it would be implementing patient smart rooms across its two hospitals.

eVideon, a digital workflow solutions and interactive patient engagement company based out of Michigan, will be deploying its full suite of solutions across 576 patient rooms, including smart TVs, touchscreen tablets, digital whiteboards, digital patient door displays, and the HELLO video visitor solution, creating an immersive Patient Smart Room, according to a company press release. 

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with eVideon as we make plans for the implementation of the company’s full patient engagement offerings,” said Andrew Cooper, Executive Director, Information Technology for NCH. “After careful consideration, and drawing from the insights provided by KLAS Research’s findings for the top patient engagement service providers, eVideon was the clear choice. We could not be more thrilled with our decision to work with them as they have been a true partner from the very beginning, and we are looking forward to hitting the ground running with the full solution suite by year end.” 

According to eVideon, the smart rooms will allow for patients to “communicate with clinical staff, order their meals, fill out surveys, and conduct virtual visits with loved ones, while also enjoying the benefits of entertainment, education, and relaxation content.”

All hospital rooms across the two hospitals will receive the smart room facelift treatment allowing for more real-time updates on patient conditions via the digital integration platform. Patients will also be able to have the flexibility to make direct department requests and receive hospital announcements without having to rely on the nurse.

“We are excited to implement complete Patient Smart Rooms across the NCH Healthcare System,” said Jeff Fallon, CEO of eVideon. “NCH has proven to be a highly innovative partner, having opted to make patient engagement and workflow services available to all patients and clinical staff across its organization.”

Although these types of rooms are not the first of its kind, they serve as a reminder that telehealth is a growing industry with many benefits, especially in times as such, where family members can’t be in the same room as their loved ones.

The ease of smart room systems has allowed for patients to communicate with family members and doctors in the past easily and will continue to evolve in the coming future. 

“We look forward to the impact eVideon can make on the care management process by alleviating some of the biggest causes of clinician burnout, while also keeping patients better engaged in their health journey for improved patient experiences and outcomes,” said Fallon.

About eVideon: 

eVideon provides patient experience and engagement solutions for hospitals via a suite of bedside engagement systems, TV, digital signage, digital whiteboards, video visiting solutions, and other interactive displays. Patients enjoy the convenience of self-service at the bedside with access to entertainment, education, hospital services, and more while staff enjoy streamlined, paperless workflows. Interactive surveys and patient feedback help patients communicate needs and help hospitals respond before dissatisfiers turn into HCAHPS issues. The platform leverages integrations with the hospital’s EHR, along with other technologies to provide a streamlined, digital patient experience. Data analytics provide valuable insights into patient behaviors and pain points, letting hospitals improve service and outcomes. Learn more at

About NCH Healthcare System:

The NCH Healthcare System is a not-for-profit, multi-facility healthcare system located in Naples, Florida, and is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The System is more than just two hospitals (referred to as the NCH Baker Hospital and NCH North Naples Hospital) with a total of 713 beds. NCH is an alliance of 775 physicians and medical facilities in dozens of locations throughout Collier County and southwest Florida that offers nationally recognized, quality health care to our community. Our mission is to help everyone live a longer, happier, healthier life.  For more information, visit