Florida comes in at No. 2 on 2021 Most “Fun State” in America list according to new survey

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“Fun” is perceived and interpreted differently by everyone. One thing that may be fun for you may not be for someone else. However, one thing that remains constant: Florida has at least 1 fun thing for everyone.

Some states are blessed with fun at every turn, and in others, you have to go looking for it. But in Florida, let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of fun.

Recently, personal finance website WalletHub revealed its 2021 “Most Fun States in America” list, and the results fully confirm the Sunshine State’s ability to deliver on the fun.

In the survey, WalletHub compared all 50 states across 26 key indicators of fun things to do without burning a hole in your pocket. And to no surprise, Florida came in with a podium spot of no. 2.

Trailing only California, Florida beat out other prominent travel and entertainment hot spots such as Nevada, New York, Washington, and Illinois.

Jill Gonzalez, communications director for WalletHub, said, “Florida is a very fun state. It is a state where you can have affordable fun.”

Well, she’s right, depending on where you go…

For example, Florida came in at number eight for nightlife largely because of the affordability factor.

“If you are in Miami, it’s an expensive place to have fun, but a little bit up north, you are going to get a little bit of a bargain for your buck,” said Gonzalez.

Florida is home to so many different offerings, such as the Disney parks, beaches, and some of the coolest historical landmarks in the country.

Just as Florida has its fair share of expensive activities, there are also a plethora of free activities that can be done as well such as visiting local parks, beaches, open market festivals, and more. 

According to the survey data, Florida came in at number one in terms of most restaurants per capita, fifth for movies per capita, sixth for most golf courses and country clubs, third for most fitness centers per capita, and first in marinas per capita.

The overall score Florida received was a 58.09, with entertainment and recreation weighing the most, followed by nightlife. California narrowly earned the top spot with a total score of 60.81.

To see the full list, click here

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