Two brand-new Chevy sports cars are being developed according to GM president

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Two brand-new Chevrolet sports vehicles are on the way. The new development was provided by Mark Reuss, president of General Motors, who stated that two Chevy performance vehicles would be released sometime in 2024. Many people assume that one of these new vehicles might be the all-electric Corvette Reuss previously alluded to being unveiled in April. It’s wonderful to see a brand-new Corvette because the 2023 Chevy Corvette just got some major performance enhancements, especially if it comes in the same high performance that everyone likes from the sports vehicle but in electric form. We’ll examine what Reuss said and what buyers might anticipate from Chevrolet despite the fact that not much information was disclosed.

Is there an electric Chevy Corvette on the way?

Mark Reuss, President of General Motors (GM), announced that two new Chevy sports vehicles would be released in 2024. On the brand’s Ultium platform, Reuss had previously said that an all-electric Corvette would be arriving soon. A hybrid Corvette would eventually sit alongside an electric Corvette. Reuss claimed that the names and performance specifications will be revealed when the electric and hybrid Corvettes got closer to their introduction, but he did not provide any concrete information about them. Currently, we don’t know much about the vehicles. We only know that two Chevrolet-badged sports vehicles will be arriving as early as 2024.

Reuss claims that one of the two sports cars will be the new Corvette C8. The C8 will reportedly debut with a potent V8 engine that will enable the Corvette to reach speeds of more than 200 mph, however, we’re not sure if this new model will be an all-electric or hybrid one. This next Corvette is rumored to be called the E-Ray, which was found in recent trademark applications. The electric Corvette, which would be the C8’s replacement, would probably have a front-mounted electric motor with a V8 engine. Additionally, it probably has all-wheel drive.

Reuss didn’t mention the name Corvette while referring to the other sports vehicle. This does not necessarily imply that the second vehicle will be something entirely new; instead, it may be the long-rumored Zora. This hypothetical hybrid sports car might alternatively be powered by a V8. It would “set the standard of the world for performance for Chevrolet,” according to Reuss. Whatever it may be, it will undoubtedly be a high-performance car because this is a bold boast. We’ll be watching for more details for the time being.

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