New Volkswagen ID.7 now offers smart air-conditioning

Photo Source/Copyright: Volkswagen Media

We’ve all seen the billboards and advertisements that read, “Your wife is hot; better get the air conditioner fixed.” Because air conditioning systems are essential to vehicles, the memorable phrase is so important. No other automaker is more aware of the need of maintaining the ideal temperature regardless of the season than Volkswagen.

With the brand-new Volkswagen ID.7, the German carmaker has taken elevated cooling and heating to a new level. Before the car even starts moving, the future EV will use an air conditioning system that provides faster cooling or heating. How is this miracle even conceivable? The driver only needs to approach the EV while holding the key. Also, the intelligent, automated AC system will obey voice commands and take into account the vehicle’s position in respect to the sun as well as the preferences of the driver and passengers for temperature. The ID.7’s respective class is launching a new standard under the AC system.

Volkswagen provided a sneak preview of the upcoming ID.7 with the help of a camouflage concept car. In Las Vegas, Nevada, during the CES (consumer electronics exhibition), fans welcomed their first of many meetings.

“With the ID.7, we are underlining our goal to offer intelligent technologies and customer-oriented innovations in the high-volume premium mid-size segment.”

-Kai Grünitz, Member of the Brand Board of Management

Smart Air Vents

Before occupants can enjoy the vehicle’s interior, the Volkswagen ID.7 turns on the air conditioning system. The EV vehicle therefore cools on hot days and heats on cold ones. Imagine if someone opens the door and the interior hears about the sweltering weather outside. In that situation, the intelligent air vents in the cockpit enable the air to be immediately released by strong horizontal movements.

Air Conditioning System That Responds to Voice Commands

Vocal commands can digitally regulate the AC system for Volkswagen ID.7 enthusiasts. Smart Climates are used to store specific wishes. For instance, the ID.7 will ignite warm air at the steering wheel for around five minutes if the driver says, “Hey, VW, my hands are cold.”

Where’s the Sun?

When the automated feature is activated, the intelligent system looks to comprehend its climatic environment. Hence, the widescreen has a sensor that measures the direction of the sun. In addition, it intensifies air conditioning based on the temperature outdoors and the strength of the sun.

When Will the Smart Air System Arrive?

The second quarter of 2023 is set aside for the global premiere of the sixth ID. Family episode. The VW ID.7 will first be available in China and Europe, with North America following in 2024.

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