Mitsubishi Motors partners with Emergent Media to produce “Soul Pursuits” docu-series

Photo Source/Copyright: Mitsubishi Media

Mitsubishi Motors has been having quite the year in 2021 with the release of the new Mitsubishi Outlander and Outlander PHEV. When the pandemic struck last year, many automakers hit a rough patch on the production line and looked to gain exposure through other avenues such as community work. 

The downtime allowed many automakers to expand their efforts and give back to the community through generous monetary and time donations. Mitsubishi was one of them. 

Mitsubishi Motors began its Small Batch – Big Impact program and broadened its efforts with help for disaster relief as well as community involvement through collaborations such as the 2020 Rebelle Rally with the Outlander PHEV

Now, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) has announced a partnership with Emergent Media to begin work on a mini docu-series called “Soul Pursuits.” The documentation will follow renowned filmmaker Erika Gilsdorf on a year-long eco-tour across the United States in her 2020 Outlander PHEV.

Emergent Media is a digital media group and lifestyle network that connects marketers with globally-minded audiences around the world that are seeking to live authentic and self-discovery-oriented experiences. Emergent Media is also a part of The Golden State Company with an expansive portfolio that includes Moon Tide, a full-service agency and branded content studio; Media Circus, a strategic media planning and buying group; and Driftward, an e-commerce photography marketplace.

“Mitsubishi Motors applauds those who aren’t afraid to pursue their own path…Erika Gilsdorf is one of those people,” said Mark Chaffin, Chief Operating Officer, MMNA. “Her mission to find and document the stories of other change-makers really resonated with us, and the Outlander PHEV, which blends quiet, efficient EV technology with the capability of an SUV, is the perfect companion for her epic eco-tour. Through our partnership with Emergent Media, we’ve created a meaningful documentary series that is as inspiring and hopeful as it is unscripted and authentic.” 

In the documentation, Gilsdorf tows a custom mini house on the back of her Outlander plug-in hybrid PHEV as she rides along American roadways throughout the 2021 calendar year. Along the way, Emergent Media and Gilsdorf will shine a light on small businesses that are working hard to make the world a more sustainable version of itself for future generations.

“At Emergent, we pride ourselves in delivering on our clients’ objectives and telling authentic, real stories,” said Jennifer Klawin, Managing Director, Brand Partnerships at Emergent Media. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Mitsubishi Motors to not only promote this incredible vehicle but to share these important stories of artisans and changemakers positively impacting their communities through their work and generosity.”

Because the Outlander PHEV is an alternative fuel source vehicle, it will undoubtedly shine a light on the transition to electric vehicles, which has picked up steam in the past months. 

Courtesy: Mitsubishi Motors

One episode is already available in the link above, but to see more of “Soul Pursuits,” interested viewers can check out Golden State and Paradise platforms for the following episodes. 

Episode one shows Gilsdorf’s meeting with photographer Dylan Gordon, starter of (Help California) and initiative that helps farmers and ranchers with support and necessary supplies after wildfires.

The episode highlights many of the newest and innovative features on the Outlander PHEV.

If that inspires you to go green—Contact a local Florida Mitsubishi dealer about the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV or the Mitsubishi Outlander.

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