Mitsubishi Airtek Concept: Puzzling but inspiring a spark of interest

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Earlier this year at the Shanghai Auto Show, Japanese-automaker Mitsubishi Motors revealed small bits of information on a new concept known as the Mitsubishi Airtek.  

At this moment, little is still known about the vehicle and whether or not it will be available globally, but it is no secret that it will likely be available in the Chinese market.

Based on the new business strategy outline by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, at least one automaker in the group will release a new model, and the other two will follow suit depending on the sales of the first vehicle. 

Could this mean Mitsubishi will release the first all-electric vehicle of the Alliance?

So far we know the vehicle will be electric, but whether or not it’s the Mitsubishi Motors model the automotive community has been waiting for is uncertain. 

After images were released of the Mitsubishi Starion 4WD that never made it to the production line, car theorists are suggesting the next model that will be released could be the Lancer Evolution. Alas, if the leaked photos that were released recently on the Airtek point to anything, loyalists should be pleased to see such a complete concept.

An electric vehicle will allow Mitsubishi to abort the standard functional grille and grant designers and engineers the ability to completely redesign the front of the vehicle to something that can sport the Dynamic Shield that is being worked into future vehicles. 

The Japanese automaker is set to buy and rebadge a popular Renault model in the coming years, therefore paving a new path for a potential brand overhaul. 

The most surprising detail of the leaked images is that the vehicle is an SUV. Although, based on the angle of the photo and the exterior aesthetics of the vehicle, it could easily come off as a large hatchback or compact crossover. 

A modern and sporty interior also seems to be evident based on the photos thanks to a large digital instrument cluster and accompanying infotainment touchscreen. It is rumored that the infotainment system could be powered by Google and Mitsubishi Motors

Along with the photos, powertrain specs have also been released. The electric vehicle is set to feature a single rear electric motor capable of pushing out 135kW/180 horsepower.

Previous Mitsubishi vehicles that have featured electric components such as the Outlander PHEV and the MI-TECH concept have boasted two engines. 

Available in two sizes, the battery is expected to allot drivers 310 miles of range on the smaller model and 400 on the largest model.

All in all, we don’t know if the EV model is coming from the Alliance, but many are excited that Mitsubishi is releasing something new. 

You can learn more about what Mitsubishi Motors has to offer at University Mitsubishi. 

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