Jeep’s Push to Go Electric is a Legitimate Priority

Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis

Who would’ve thought that America’s most beloved rugged off-road automaker would remotely consider going electric?

Probably no one.

For years Jeep has prided itself on creating the most efficient off-road vehicles that can do it all, but a major consumer problem has always been convincing buyers to disregard the dent in their wallet caused by gas consumption.  

Now, it’s the year 2021, and Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis,  has plans to electrify models throughout the Jeep fleet and other makes under the brand.

Going Electric is a Priority for Stellantis 

Stellantis has promised that every brand under its umbrella will eventually offer some form of electrification, whether it be a fully electric platform or hybrid (half gas/half electric).

Insiders closely monitoring the world’s third-largest automaking brand believe they have a plan up their sleeves that include making the fastest muscle car ever from Dodge, an all-electric pickup to rival Ford’s F-150 Lightning, and a greener Jeep lineup.

It wasn’t until the recent launch earlier this year of the Wrangler 4xe that Stellantis would have a second plug-in option across its entire lineup with the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

Upcoming Jeep Vehicles with Plug-In Hybrid Siblings

Joining the 4xe electrification, Jeep is also rumored to be releasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee Hybrid variant as part of its expansion to electrify the fleet. 

Consumers will get a closer look at the plans Stellantis has in store to electrify cars across the brand, with an event slated for July 8.

“We’re going to be the greenest SUV brand on the planet,” said Jim Morrison, Head of Jeep® Brand, FCA – North America, at a preview for the upcoming Jeep Grand Cherokee L.

The news bodes well for the brand as it is coming off a record sales month (May) for the Wrangler, with over 25,000 units delivered. A big driver for that surge—the 4xe model. The gas/electric brother of the gas-only Wrangler accounted for an estimated 20.1 percent of all sales within the month.

The sales of the 4xe in the month of May make it the best-selling plug-in model in the country, taking the crown from the long-standing Prius Prime.

If the early success of buying into the electric movement indicates anything, Jeep will likely produce its first all-electric model in the brand’s history. 

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