Jeep Wrangler thrives on Customization

Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis

Synonymous with off-roading adventures is the beloved American automaker—Jeep. Since its inception, the brand has always been about freedom and adventure. From the factory to your driveway, Jeeps have a certain appeal with their rugged look, and the Jeep Wrangler is a huge driving force for their popularity.

Wranglers invite customization. Owners are encouraged to make them their own, and it’s for that reason that versatility and customization are key. Whether you want to change the color, tires, and rims, add a lift kit, and more, Wranglers are like adult LEGOs that provide drivers the ultimate experience. 

Below, we’ve compiled some cool ways Jeep Wrangler owners can make their vehicles unique.

Making it Your Own

Undoubtedly the best part about owning a Jeep Wrangler is the ability to make it your own. But beware, you don’t want to mix too many configurations and custom accents because it may look disjointed. Pros suggest working with a specific theme or color scheme when adding aesthetic touches to the Wrangler. Common configurations mirror popular culture references depicted in films and television shows or through characters and collectibles.

It doesn’t stop with just colors and themes. Owners can also look into changing interior floor mats, seat covers, and wheel covers. Jeepers can also look into changing out their stock hoods or upgrade the iconic seven-slot grille and make changes to the headlights. 

All-World Jeep Performance

Wranglers are far more than just an ordinary everyday pavement cruisers. The idea is to take the 2021 Jeep Wrangler off the pavement and into an off-road adventure. Thankfully, it’s easy to shift to an off-roading master in a Wrangler if you make the right adjustments. Starting with lifts and larger tires. The lift helps the vehicle survive any undercarriage or chassis damage when traversing even the most treacherous terrain and provides stability in muddy and washed-out areas that would be more difficult to get by if not for the added height. Bigger and better tires add stability and traction, and when they are paired together, Wranglers can take on any challenge.

Other performance-oriented modifications include rock sliders, winches, body armor, fog lights, skid plates, and light bars. Winches are a “must-have” for any off-roader in a Wrangler because of their ability to self-recover the vehicle if traveling alone by attaching the winch to a nearby solid object and pulling the vehicle out. Additional lights such as the light bars provide riders with increased visibility in dark settings and recovery missions. Rock sliders work to prevent Wranglers from getting lodged between drops or ledges, and body armor and skid plates help protect and reduce damage when across all terrain types.

The Ultimate Custom Jeep

Drivers who want to make their Jeep Wrangler the biggest and baddest can use all these suggestions to make it their own. Splash a new color scheme or theme on the outside for aesthetics, and add a lift and some bigger tires for increased stability in all off-road terrain adventures.

Want a Wrangler?

Stop by a local Florida Jeep and check out the latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler inventory. Whether you’re looking to tread off the beaten path or conquer nothing but pavement, you can count on Jeep to have you back with a vehicle that best suits your needs. 

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