Florida will launch temporary toll rebate program for commuters

View of a tollbooth on the road at the entrance of Sanibel Island in Lee County, Florida. Sunpass holders go through an express lane to pay toll. – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by EQ Roy

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Thursday that a six-month highway toll rebate program would start in Florida and be targeted at commuters.

According to DeSantis, drivers who use transponders over 80 times a month will earn a 25 percent discount, and those who use them 40 times a month will receive a 20 percent rebate added to their accounts. Refunds will start in September.

Commuters are anticipated to save $38 million thanks to the rebates.

Who is eligible for SunPass Savings?

  • Customers with two-axle vehicles only.
  • Customers with a SunPass or Florida interoperable account that is in good standing.
  • A transponder with 40 or more paid transactions that occur within a calendar month.
  • SunPass or Florida interoperable customers traveling on the Turnpike System and FDOT toll facilities.

How does SunPass Savings work?

SunPass Savings is a six-month program that begins on September 1, 2022. Each transponder with 40-79 paid transactions that occur within a calendar month will automatically receive a 20 percent SunPass Savings credit. Transponders with over 80 paid transactions that occur within a single calendar month will automatically receive a 25 percent SunPass Savings credit. The SunPass Savings credit will be visible in accounts on the 10th of the following month.

Do I need to apply for SunPass Savings?

The SunPass savings program is available to all SunPass users who meet the eligibility requirements. There is no need to register.

Which Florida Toll facilities are included in the program?

Turnpike Mainline (SR 91/SR 821), Sawgrass Expressway (SR 869), Alligator Alley, Polk Parkway (SR 570), Sunshine Skyway Bridge, I-4 Connector, Veterans Expressway (SR 589), Beachline East (SR 528) MP 0-8, Beachline West (SR 528) MP 31-46, Western Beltway (SR

429) MP 0-11, Southern Connector Extension (SR 417) MP 0-3, Seminole Expressway (SR 417) MP 38-55, Wekiva Parkway (SR 429) Mount Plymouth Road to SR 46, First Coast Expressway (SR 23), Garcon Point Bridge, Pinellas Bayway and express lanes. 

If I rent a vehicle in Florida and use my SunPass transponder, will the paid transactions be included?

Yes, if you are taking your SunPass portable in a rental car, these paid transactions will be counted towards your monthly total as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

If I have multiple transponders on my account, will the paid transactions each be counted per transponder?

Yes, as long as your account is in good standing and you are driving a 2-axle vehicle on the Turnpike System or at an FDOT facility, each transponder allocated to your account that has 40 or more paid transactions qualifies for SunPass Savings.

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