Driver’s Auto Guide to picking the right tires

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Picking the right tires is a fundamental and key part of the car-owning experience. Factors such as the kind of weather a certain region faces, make and model of the vehicle, and terrain the vehicle is driven on all influence the wear and tear our tires face.

Below we provide a comprehensive guide and expansion on Driver’s Auto Mart explanation to three key wheel types: All-Season, Summer, and Winter tires.

All-Season Tires

Beginning with all-season tires. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, as the name entails, these tires serve all 12-months of the year. Traditionally, these wheels can drive on any road surface and through any weather condition with ease. Thanks to premier handling and grip on these tires, it’s no wonder drivers keep them on for all but the most severe of snowy roads, in which case you probably wouldn’t want to be driving on anyway. 

Slippery, dry, hot or cold, these are the most-popular tires in the sector for good reason—they can do it all. 

Summer Tires 

Next on the list are summer tires. And before you ask, no, these tires do not take beachside vacations on a Caribbean resort: although they probably would if they could.

These tires are essentially good for three seasons out of the year; we are sure you can assume what season they get swapped out. Summer tires do provide a slight edge over other tires in the sense that they are created for the sole purpose of handling dry and wet terrain.

Aside from the conditions, these tires also do a great job of braking on a dime (if needed) when compared to other tires. If you live in a warm place like Florida, these tires likely won’t need to be changed because the temperatures rarely reach below the effective limit for these wheels. If for whatever reason, the temperature were to drop so drastically that the tires become ineffective… drivers would notice an immediate difference in their traction capabilities.

Winter Tires 

Winter tires, aka “snow tires,” are what you would expect them to be used for, cold and icy conditions. These tires are unlike any other set because they provide optimal traction for icy and slick snow conditions. Not even a car with all-season tires and all-wheel drive can beat a car equipped with winter wheels.

Because these tires are for niche conditions and a small portion of the year, this set of tires should sit in your garage for most of the year. Once the temperatures get warmer, the traction on these wheels becomes an afterthought. By all means, if you live in a place where the roads get slippery when icy and cold, these are the best to handle the job.

Driver’s Auto Mart

All in all, drivers should know and understand their environment before purchasing a set of tires. Nowadays, most vehicles come equipped with standard all-season tires, but if you live in either extreme climate, take a look at the other options available. Making informed choices for your vehicle’s boots can make a world of difference when driving. 

Unsure of which tires to get? Grab a spare set of the ones best for your climate and use the all-season as a daily driver throughout the year.

For those looking for another pair of wheels at an affordable price, Driver’s Auto Mart has you covered! They sell a wide range of pre-owned, up-to-date, and high-quality rides for any individual or family hitting the pavement. Those interested in a like-new used ride to take the town can easily access their online used car inventory and chat with a representative for further assistance.

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