Snowcat Ridge to become Florida’s first Snow Park

Courtesy: Snowcat Ridge website

Whoever told you it doesn’t snow in Florida lied.

Coming next month to Dade City, Snowcat Ridge will become the first and only outdoor snow park in the Sunshine State. 

Construction for the park began in the spring of last year by transforming existing flat fields into a 60-foot tall hill on the same land as Treehoppers Aerial Adventure Park.

Winston McDaniel, marketing manager for Snowcat Ridge, stated, “We’re gonna be able to bring snow and that whole experience to kids and families who have never seen snow before, and all the fun you can have when you kinda get to play around in it.”

The days of having to leave the state to enjoy snow are no longer. The 400-foot long snow tubing hill will feature a conveyor belt-like system that will take riders to the top of the “mountain” and eliminate the need to carry the tube to the top.

“Some folks think it’s impossible to experience snow tubing and the joy of snow in Florida, but our team is all about making the impossible possible,” said Snowcat Ridge’s creative director, Mark Bremer.

Courtesy: Snowcat Ridge Instagram

While COVID-19 has hampered many businesses and theme parks within the state over the past months, Snowcat Ridge believes they are still on track to open in November.

Visitors will have the option to ride down the snow-covered hill in a single, tandem, or 6-seat family tube. 

After guests get tired from tubing they can visit the Alpine Village to warm up by the fire pit and grab a hot chocolate or roast some s’mores while watching a light show.

Feeling hungry?

Visitors can also grab a bite/drink at one of the vendors on site.

Included with the price of admission is also access to visit the 10,000 sq ft. Arctic Igloo dome where families can build their own snowman and ride the bunny slopes (designed for children 3 years old and under.)

While the snow may not be authentic sky-to-ground snow, it is still very much made of water and cold. Visitors are encouraged to come in winter clothes.

This may be your only opportunity to see snow in the year 2020 because of travel restrictions, so if you need your fix, be sure to check them out

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Snowcat Ridge is located at 27839 Saint Joe Rd. Dade City, FL 33525