According to Volkswagen: American’s Curiosity for EVs is spiking

Photo Source/Copyright: Volkswagen

It’s no secret that electric vehicles (EVs) are on the up and up, and the vehicles on the road are indicative of the almost overnight shift from gas to electric.

To gauge the market and truly understand where EVs are going, German-automaker Volkswagen surveyed a segment of the American car-buying community and found that EVs are attracting quite the share of the market’s attention.

The poll found that despite most Americans still driving gas-powered vehicles, interest in the segment has piqued significantly, largely due to a shift in environmental awareness.

Of the 1,000 SUV owners polled, 500 are looking to switch vehicles sometime by the end of the year. When the results were tabulated, the poll revealed that 70% of respondents had never driven an EV, but 65% of current SUV owners and 76% of SUV-seeking drivers were more interested in electric-powered rides than they were a year ago. And even more important is that 45% of owners and 60% of shoppers felt like they are likely to purchase an electric vehicle for their next car.

“The findings from this survey affirm that our strategy at Volkswagen of bringing affordable, approachable electric vehicles to the U.S. aligns with what Americans are looking for,” said Dustin Krause, Director of e-Mobility at Volkswagen of America, Inc. “Our all-new ID.4 addresses many of the hesitations prospective shoppers have with EVs, such as range anxiety, cost, and more.” 

Additional Survey Details

The main factor pushing the EV market hype is environmental concern.

On the other hand, the largest obstacle in the EV segment’s path to dominance is that most people have little to no exposure driving them nonetheless owning.

  • 81% of respondents agreed that an expansion of the EV market would be beneficial for the environment
  • 66% of respondents who currently own SUVs and drive over 201 miles per week would are interested in purchasing an EV soon – 52% of those driving less than 100 miles per week said they would be interested in an EV

The universal thought holding most people back from jumping into the EV waters is cost, charging accessibility, and range. Until those three can stabilize and improve, the EV market will fail to see the true exponential boom they are waiting for. 

While the main concern remains those three points, a large percentage of respondents also hadn’t considered an EV because they didn’t know about local and state incentives, as well as federal tax credits. 

  • 74% of owners and 81% of shoppers fell that the government and other agencies should offer incentives to encourage the shift to electric 

Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen recently launched its ID.4 model — the first of its long-range electric SUVs — in a move to make EVs more accessible. 

The German automaker is committed to making it’s business and vehicles lineup carbon neutral by 2050. The ID.4 packs a punch and provides the ultimate transition into the EV sector with a powerful drivetrain, spacious interior, and long-range battery. The car is currently making its way to VW showrooms across the county.

Stay tuned to Sunrise Volkswagen social media for the latest Volkswagen news and offers. Until the ID.4 officially hits the showroom, explore the popular Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan inventory at Sunrise Volkswagen and schedule your test drive today!

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