St. Augustine Named One of the Top 10 Historic Towns in America

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay 

According to USA Today, St. Augustine, Florida was voted as the #8 Best Historic Small Town. 

St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in North America. It was initially founded by Spanish pioneers in 1565 as an operating base for expanding further into the continent. The city has a long history of historical events, so it’s only fitting that it was and still is one of Florida’s most historic towns.

St. Augustine offers visitors a brief glimpse into days gone by, while also providing that small-town community spirit. With its famed Spanish colonial architecture, you won’t find too many buildings like this elsewhere in the country. Take the Castillo de San Marcos for instance, which is a 17th-century fortress made of Spanish stone that provides views of the surrounding area and sea.

Castillo De San Marcos. Photo: MrsScala | Pixabay 

St. Augustine’s beauty and charm alone should be enough to halpe the town make it onto the list. The St. Augustine Lighthouse is a landmark that provides a rich history of St. Augustine. Visitors are encouraged to climb to the very top to get a bird’s eye view around the city. The Lighthouse itself has a very interesting (and haunted) history. We encourage you to read up on it in our post, “Spooky Places in Florida You’ll Want to Visit (or Stay Away From).

The St. Augustine Lighthouse, a beacon of tourism for the city. Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay 

The city of St. Augustine got its name from Christian theologian and philosopher Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, a patron saint of the early Church.