Brightline has begun Central Florida test runs before high-speed trains start from Orlando to Miami

Brightline Train — Courtesy: Shutterstock — EQRoy

The first Brightline train entered Brevard County for a test run on Tuesday between South Florida and the Orlando airport. The train and crew will conduct dry runs across the 130-mile Florida east coast railway corridor. 

There weren’t any passengers just yet, but onlookers looked extremely intrigued by the future of the trains.

‘’It’s very exciting to see it,’’ Dave Alliston said.

The train from West Palm Beach traveled north through the Treasure Coast and into the Space Coast and came to a stop just over the county line in Micco.

After testing the signals at Holly Street crossing, the trains made their return to South Florida. 

Brightline public affairs director Katie Mitzner said the crew who rode onboard gained very valuable experience.

‘’Becoming intimately aware and knowledgeable about the territory – the curves, the signals, the communities, the crossings,’’ she said.

Starting as soon as next year, Mitzner said trains with passengers will pass through Brevard County on the high-speed railroad. 

“Our crews will actually be trained on the territory. As you can imagine, driving a train you have to be intimately familiar with the territory: the curbs, the signals, signals, what is coming up,” she continued.

There is no stop currently planned in the county but if demand grows with the growing population, Brightline said there is a possibility that could change.

‘’I’m glad it’s coming through here. I would like to give it a try,’’ said Florida resident Linda Lingl.

Alliston said his favorite part of the route crossing through Brevard will be the ability to not sit in traffic.

‘’Being able to get on the train and taking it down to Miami or West Palm Beach,’’ he said.

Brightline said the train will make another practice run on Wednesday. This time, it’s heading from West Palm Beach to the north of Cocoa and back.

Once the Brightline extension is finished, it will cost $100 to ride from Orlando to Miami.

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