Florida is close to outlawing products made from delta-8 hemp

Vape shop counter – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Jonathan Weiss Legislators in Florida are just one step away from outlawing delta-8 products, which include edible candies, vaporizers, and joints that can give users a euphoric high. A bill that would prohibit the legal sale of either naturally occurring or manufactured delta-8 and delta-10 compounds

Altmed Florida brings popular edible Medical Cannabis brand Wana Brands to its Dispensaries

Edible THC-infused medical marijuana gummies – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image By Marla Diaz Medical marijuana patients in Florida now have access to some of the most potent and effective cannabis-infused edibles on the market. Altmed, the parent company of MÜV dispensaries, has partnered up with Wana Brands in an exclusive agreement to bring the sought after