Over 200 Republicans have contributed to the effort to include abortion on Florida ballots

Abortion Rights Protest — Courtesy: Shutterstock — Bob Korn More than $17 million was raised in 2023 for a campaign to allow Floridians to vote on protecting abortion rights, mostly from female donors, according to a Times examination of updated data. Furthermore, although the majority of donors are Democrats, the state has received contributions from

Florida legislature is considering a bill on affordable housing

Affordable Housing Bill – Real estate property – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Kristi Blokhin The best place for Inez Camacho to unwind is on the front porch of her new apartment, where she can water her plants while listening to her wind chime. Poinciana Crossing, her new structure, is roughly a mile south of

Florida’s rent control initiative is being resisted by landlords

Rent Control Issues – Orlando, FL Skyline – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Sean Pavone Ballots have yet to be printed, but already a group of apartment managers, landlords, and real estate agents in the Sunshine State want to prevent voters from voting on a measure that would implement rent control for a year in