Dolphins Beginning To Look Better

Despite having what many experts and fans can obviously see is a depleted team, the Miami Dolphins have remained competitive in their previous two games. Though they remain winless, the upcoming schedule includes two other winless clubs in the Washington Redskins and New York Jets, with former Dolphins head coach Adam Gase. Both of those teams are currently starting a rookie quarterback, similar to the dolphins with their starting quarterback having less than a seasons worth of starting quarterback experience so far in his young career.

Good News Ahead

The good news for the Miami Dolphins and their fans is their outlook as far as two of their pics will go in next years draft. The Pittsburgh Steelers are also winless and therefore should provide the Dolphins with a top 10 selection to go along with their own top 10 pick.  The Dolphins will also game the Houston Texans first round pick for next years draft, which will probably fall in the bottom third of choices. Altogether the dolphin should have five selections inside the top 40 picks. In just one season the dolphins could add free agents and these high draft picks and turn their fortunes around to start next decade off on the right foot with more top picks coming in the draft that follows the 2020 draft.

The rest of Florida has a shaky future

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers however have some work cut out for them if they are to remain competitive in their divisions and ultimately the NFL at large. For more coverage on this NFL season and beyond, check with us here at Florida Insider   for more sports information each week. For everything Florida sports news related, we will provide the updates!