South Florida’s Iconic Knaus Berry Farm set to reopen Oct. 27

Courtesy: Knaus Berry Farm’s cinnamon rolls-Photo by Laine Doss

This year has arguably been a wash for practically everyone—however, South Florida has something to get excited about in late October.

The iconic Knaus Berry Farm will be opening its doors on Oct. 27, “Lord willing,” according to a recent comment on social media. 

Known for its fresh sticky cinnamon buns and strawberry picking farm area, Knaus Berry has been in business for 64 years. Located in Homestead, Knaus Berry Farm attracts thousands of faithful customers from all over the state with lines that span hours. 

Opened in 1956, the business originally operated out of a roadside stand selling fresh homegrown berries from the farm.

Fast forward to today, the farm has a cult-like following that is attracted to its fresh, daily made, sticky buns and a U-Pick strawberry and tomato area.

The farm is closed during the summer months and on Sundays during the season. Knaus Berry operates from Oct./Nov. through mid-April, depending on South Florida conditions. 

Although the farm opens at 8 a.m., locals can be spotted in line hours before to be the first to grab the fresh baked goods. 

Knaus Berry was forced to close down early this year due to the pandemic and, as a result, cut the season short, leaving many locals wanting more.

The farm has publicly stated that they will enforce the mask mandate inside the store and urges patrons to practice social distancing when waiting in line outside. The store will continue to operate using its brick-and-mortar, cash only, wait in-line system and will not be implementing an online ordering system.

Thomas Blocher, head of operations at Knaus Berry, encourages visitors to carry an umbrella to ensure social-distancing, “If everyone had an umbrella, that would be automatic social-distancing.” This would solve the intense heat or rain problem in South Florida and provide ample space between customers.

A potential limit may be implemented regarding the number of cinnamon buns a person can take with them. Traditionally, there is no limit to the amount that can be purchased, but in an effort to limit wait times and keep up with demand during the pandemic, a cap may be required to operate smoothly. 

Remember to take plenty of cash and a mask if you visit Knaus Berry this season.

About Knaus Berry

Knaus Berry Farm is located at 15980 SW 248th Street

Homestead, FL 33031. The hours of operation are 8:00am – 5:30pm Monday – Saturday except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. 

For more information on the farm, click here

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