‘Psychic Capital of the World’ in Florida: What we know

Courtesy: Image by Jordan Stimpson from Pixabay

As Halloween turns the corner later this week, we at Florida Insider want to take a look into this creepy town in Florida, labeled the “Psychic Capital of the World.”

Located just six miles north of Deltona lies a small unincorporated community in Volusia County called Cassadaga. 

Not to be confused with Talladega, this Florida town is home to some eerie spots and lack of what most would consider “normal” places to go.

Fast Facts:

  • Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp serves as the oldest active religious community in the southeastern U.S.
  • The word ‘Cassadaga’ means “water beneath the rocks” in Seneca Indian
  • Residents practice Spiritualism, which according to them is “the science, philosophy, and religion of continuous life.” 
  • Roughly 57 acres and 55 residences (as of 2018) occupied by mediums, psychics, and healers
  • Urban legend of the Devil’s Chair is located in the Lake Helen-Cassadaga cemetery
  • Founded in 1894 by traveling medium George P. Colby

The town has been a popular destination for visiting mediums and followers of the religion. Visitors can even reserve to receive readings and Spiritual counseling by certified members of the community.

If you plan on staying the night, the Cassadaga Hotel is the only one in the area, and according to the hotel website, haunted. Supposedly the haunted vibes are “friendly.” I don’t know if you would like to find out. It is not recommended to take your children and has a renting policy that requires guests to be 21 and over to reserve. 

The town does not have any grocery stores, banks, gas stations, or pharmacies. 

So if you like visiting “spooky” towns and are in the area, especially this weekend, go ahead and visit this Florida town.

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