Florida bill proposes 12-month school plan for elementary students

Florida bill proposes longer schooling – Elementary school kids in a classroom raising their hands – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Monkey Business Images

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Senate started debating a plan on Tuesday that would implement a trial year-round school program at a few primary schools.

“The purpose of the program is for the Department of Education to assist school districts in establishing a year-round school program within at least one elementary school in the district and study the issues, benefits, and schedule options for instituting year-round school programs for all students,” an introductory part of the bill said.

The proposal received unanimous approval from the Senate Pre-K–12 Education Committee (SB 1564). The pilot program would start the following academic year and be approved to last for four years. Five school districts would be chosen by the state commissioner of education to take part.

A further requirement would be for the state Department of Education to investigate “the difficulties, benefits, and timetable possibilities for introducing year-round education programs for all pupils.”

A comparable House bill (HB 891) has passed out of committee and is now up for consideration by the entire House.

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