Military defense supplier Sparton relocates Corporate HQ to Florida

Courtesy: Sparton Corporation website

Sparton Corporation, a leading defense supplier for the U.S. Navy and defense industry, announced via press release that it would be relocating its corporate headquarters from Schaumburg, IL to De Leon Springs, FL.

The defense supplier specializes in “pure-play” defense supplies and complex maritime electronic mechanical systems: namely the development of sonobuoys.

According to a press release from Sparton, the move to relocate the HQ to De Leon Springs is a reflection of the company’s outstanding commitment and belief to Volusia County, and “its diverse and highly talented community of professionals and skilled work force.”

“Sparton has had a significant presence in De Leon Springs for more than three decades and we have always been impressed with the talent, expertise and dedication of the workforce in our De Leon Springs facility,” said Bill Toti, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sparton. “Several of our employees have been here for more than 30 years and we are proud to formally recognize De Leon Springs as our headquarters.”

Recognized as a Tier 1 supplier by the U.S. Navy, Sparton has deployed over six million sonobuoys over the past 60 years to the United States and foreign customers and has been in service for 120-years dating back to World War I.

Sonobuoys act as a sonar system for the transmission of submarine activity and sit at the core for anti-submarine warfare.

Sparton will feel right at home in De Leon Springs given that the location serves as its lead manufacturing facility.