For the holidays, the Florida Lottery has unveiled four new scratch-off games valued at $386 million

Florida lottery tickets — Courtesy: Shutterstock — The Toidi

Four new scratch-off games have been launched by the Florida Lottery to celebrate the start of the holiday season.

A total of $368.2 million in cash prizes will be awarded by the new scratch-off games, with 23 million-dollar winning tickets expected to enter the market.

The $2,000,000 100X Cashword is the first game, offering eight $2 million top prizes in addition to the opportunity to win 100X the amount indicated on the ticket. The cost of these tickets is $10.

The Emerald Mine 9X game, which offers 10 top prizes of $500,000, is available to players for $5. The Lottery states that a player may win up to 16 times on these tickets.

There are six top prizes of $150,000 in the $3 Bingo Night game, and you can win twice the amount that is indicated on your ticket.

For the price of $2 a ticket, players can enter the 2024 game (yep, it’s just called 2024) and enter to win one of eight top prizes worth $50,000.

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