Art Basel: The Best Art Show You Will See in Florida

Photo Credit: PIRO4D from Pixabay 

If you find yourself vacationing in Florida (and if you are an art fan) during the month of December, you may want to add Art Basel to your list of things to do and see. It is the premier art event in the country and of Florida, too. Tickets for the event may be pricey, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Art Basel is a world-class event where many artists have a platform to display their art for people to see, in person. In this day and age, social media and online platforms have seemed to have taken over the world. And that includes the art world. Many artists take to the Internet to display their work. Just go on Instagram and you will find thousands of artist’s accounts on there.

While it may be nice to see art from the comfort of the palm of your hand, it takes away from the experience of going to see a work of art in person. A work of art that took someone a long time and many resources to make. For this reason, Art Basel is an event, or more of a celebration, of traditionally produced contemporary art.

According to the Art Basel website, “Art Basel is the leading global platform connecting collectors, galleries and artists.” They have art fairs in different major cities and in countries such as Switzerland (where Art Basel originally started), Hong Kong and Miami Beach. Amateur and experienced artists alike are showcased here for all to see. 

Art Basel’s history is as colorful as the art it shows. It began in 1970 by Basel, Switzerland gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt. Beyeler himself was an art dealer and collector who began Art Basel as a way for art to be shown around the world. 

Art Basel in Miami Beach debuted in 2002, attracting 30,000 visitors that came to view 160 featured galleries from 23 countries. Masters from North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia display their work of Modern and Contemporary art. Many different top-notch quality paintings and sculptures are on display in the main exhibition hall.

This year, the event runs from December 5-8, with many hotels partnering up with Art Basel to take advantage of this monumental event. Day tickets cost $65 per person, or $45 for students and seniors. Meanwhile, permanent tickets, which grant access for all four days, are available for $145. Art lovers from all over the world are happy to pay these prices knowing their money is well-spent on fine quality art.

The art in the exhibition is also for sale. But for top dollar. The more valuable pieces made by contemporary established artists have sold in the past for over $10 million. The more up-and-coming art can sell for more meager amounts. 

The event is usually held at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Washington Avenue and Dade Blvd. in Miami Beach.