A Waterside Publix May Open in South Florida

A new type of Publix supermarket may be coming to South Florida in the coming months. The land has just been bought for a waterside Publix that’ll hopefully make docking boats at the store a reality. 

TransAmerica Development Corp., a Miami-Beach-based development company, just purchased a 1.5-acre lot in Hollywood Beach for $4.75 million. The project is supposed to be a three-story Publix, according to The Real Deal And has a projected cost of about $18 million. 

For the time being, the development company is going through the legal process to get their proposal approved. According to the city of Hollywood Beach, the next steps will take place at a meeting with the city’s Planning and Development sector. 

Hollywood is already home to plenty of restaurants and business that feature dockside amenities, but this would be the first grocery store of its kind, according to the city. 

“Publix wants to do something for the community. There is no grocery store per se on the barrier island. You have to go off the island to get groceries. Residents say they want access to quality grocery stores,” stated TransAmerica president Benalloun when speaking with the Orlando Sentinel. 

As the project moves along, residents will have to continue to frequent the closest Publix in the area, located in downtown Hollywood. Chatter about the new waterfront Publix kicked into high gear when Hollywood mayor Josh Levy mentioned the project on Facebook. If approved, the waterside Publix could be finished within 24 months.