Why autonomous vehicles enhance the way we drive

Autonomous Vehicles — Courtesy: Shutterstock — metamorworks

Electric and plug-in vehicles are the hottest thing on the market right now, but within the next decade, we may see autonomous vehicles as the main focal point. They have already been implemented in modern vehicles through features like Lane-Keeping Assist and SuperCruise control. While there are many reasons for validation and concerns, one should learn the overall benefits of handing over the wheel in the long run.

More Fuel Preservation

With a lighter flow of cars on the road, there will be less idling, stopping, and starting, which means drivers will be able to save some fuel whether they are on a main road or highway. 

Lighter Traffic

Coinciding with fuel preservation, the use of autonomous vehicles can result in a smoother flow of traffic with less congestion. Autonomous vehicles would be capable of regulating speed while following a safe distance with the use of information regarding traffic volume that is sent to municipal systems.

Fewer Accidents

According to the assessment by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), the rise in driverless cars will result in fewer traffic deaths, the reason is that the majority of vehicle crashes are due to human error. Because of autonomous vehicles’ ability to regulate speed and distance from these self-driving vehicles, they are able to see potential accidents and prevent them.

Less Tardiness

Autonomous vehicles will have your route and travel time automatically calculated, and the app will notify you of the best time to leave. Now you can simply plug in your desired location and take a nap on the way to your destination. 

Less Stress

Anxiety and overall stress while driving will simply disappear as you will no longer need to worry about constantly having your eyes on the road, deal with angry drivers, or sit through bumper-to-bumper traffic. Those who have started to use adaptive cruise control while driving already find that they are experiencing less annoyances on the road. 

Lower Insurance Rates

Self-driving cars sound like a nightmare scenario for insurance companies in the future. Car accidents would no longer be dependent on driver error as autonomous vehicles will focus on self-preservation and prevention, which means rates and claims will quickly decline.

Ensured Safety for Teen & Elderly Drivers

With autonomous vehicles, parents will never have to worry about their teenage drivers getting into accidents as their cars will look out for them when they fail to do so. The same goes for elderly individuals who have begun to lose their capability to drive safely, either from a loss of eyesight or hearing. 

Although we’ll have to wait a while for these autonomous vehicles, there are several brands such as Audi, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Dodge that have advanced driver assistance systems that almost provide a hint of what is coming our way. 

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