Volkswagen has its eyes set on discontinuing stick shift

Volkswagen Gearbox Details – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by Tudor Alexandru

As more and more automakers decide to transition to electric, gasoline powertrains are becoming the second option for new vehicles. Combustion engines aren’t the only vehicle component on the cutting board, as manual gearboxes are on the same boat. Volkswagen is thinking about discontinuing the stick shift in favor of all-electric powertrains with smooth-shifting automatic transmissions. The company’s goal is to make the driver’s experience more convenient. Volkswagen is taking action instantaneously and plans to remove manual transmissions from its vehicle lineup by the end of 2030.

Volkswagen is interested in cutting costs and making its drivetrains simpler and is undertaking to transform its entire lineup to electric-only. There are several methods to cut costs by simplifying drivetrain offerings, including removing the clutch pedal from new vehicles in the future. Volkswagen’s goal is to prioritize an even more upscale driver’s experience where the vehicle takes most of the work off the driver’s hands. 

Benefits of Automatic Transmissions

Drivers can focus more on several other tasks such as making phone calls, changing the radio station, and interacting freely with other passengers without needing to shift gears manually. Volkswagen also faces the difficulty of retaining consumers that like to drive vehicles with a stick shift. In this regard, Volkswagen is finding ways to make its vehicles more driver-centric and exciting to substitute the lack of a manual transmission.

Sportiness Will be Available in Other Forms

Just because a vehicle doesn’t have a stick shift, doesn’t mean that it is any less sporty. Several other vehicle components give it a sporty kick, such as an array of driving modes, a responsive suspension system, a powerful engine, and much more. The implementation of dual paddle shifters on the steering wheel has become very popular among customers. Volkswagen currently has double paddle shifters on its performance-oriented Golf hatchbacks, yet it is unlikely that they will add them to their electric vehicles since EVs do not have any gears to shift.

With the complete discontinuation of the manual transmission in the near future, Volkswagen will most likely invest in rotary-style shift-knobs and drive mode selectors in button form. With the quick advancement of vehicle technology, voice-controlled options are also a possibility by simply commanding which drive mode to switch to aloud. The vehicle can do this without touching a single button. It is likely that other brands will be affected by the elimination of its manual transmissions. These companies include Skoda, SEAT, and Audi. 

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