Select Stellantis Brands will carry SiriusXM’s Automatic Crash Notification system

Photo Source/Copyright: SiriusXM and Stelantis

Safety should be the number one priority when looking to buy a car. Sure, the looks are nice, have cool features, a big screen, and good pickup are a plus. But at the end of the day, is your car capable of handling an unfortunate situation to keep you and the people in the vehicle safe?

Unfortunately, accidents happen. But one connected services company is looking to make safety and driving synonymous. 

SiriusXM Connected Services Inc. recently announced a new feature to its current lineup of services that will assist the driver/passengers in a vehicle if an accident were to unfold. 

Selected brands under the Stellantis wing, such as Alfa Romeo Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, and Ram, will be the first vehicles to carry the safety feature.

Known as Advanced Automatic Crash Notification, or ACN+, the feature is an extension to the existing SiriusXM Guardian™. While SiriusXM got its fame through internet and satellite radio services, the company has also developed into a role where it plays a helping hand in hands-free safety services like Guardian, which connects drivers to a live agent in the event airbags deploy. 

The addition of ACN+ will send crash data directly to local 911 personnel before they arrive at the scene so that they are able to understand what has happened in the event any person in the vehicle is unresponsive. Also, if consumers have a MedicAlert account, first responders will have access to personalized medical records at the scene if it were an emergency.

“ACN+ enables us for the first time to immediately send detailed information from both the vehicle and our databases [directly] to 911 centers…We are very pleased that SiriusXM Guardian subscribers are the first customers to receive ACN+,” said John Jasper, Senior Vice President and General Manager at SiriusXM Connected Vehicle. “We’ve dedicated ourselves to continuously improving emergency response and are thrilled to offer one of the leading advanced ACN products in the US.”

Accidents can be a traumatic experience, and relaying information to emergency personnel under increased stress is no easy feat. But thanks to RapidSOS, an emergency technology company that provides a direct data link via connected devices to 911 and first responders, and through its partnership with SiriusXM and ACN+: consumers should feel at ease that if the unfortunate were to happen, they would be instantaneously connected to one of 4,800 Emergency Communication Centers across the U.S. With that coverage, over 90-percent of the population can receive instant access to emergency help.

“This next-generation technology provides emergency responders substantially more information faster, helping them make quicker decisions about the resources needed at the crash scene that could help save lives,” added Jasper.

Select Alfa Romeo Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, and Ram models, year 2019 and newer, are now eligible to sign up for SiriusXM Guardian services in the United States and upgrade for services like ACN+. 

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