Everything to know about all the different EV variations

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In today’s day in age, the process for buying cars is a slightly different experience. Now, shoppers have the option of choosing between different variations of EVs, such as those that rely on fuel cells, a hybrid of an electric and gas engine, and a plug-in hybrid option.

For the most part, driving around in an electric car can be a very fun experience, but it’s important to know which vehicle type will work best for your lifestyle. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about variations of EVs.

EVs and BEVs

Electric vehicles are different from most cars that are already on the market, including other electrics because they do not use internal combustion engines. Instead, these electric vehicles are solely dependent on power from the battery. These types of car owners perform the charging in the comfort of their own home using Level 1 or 2 chargers. Sometimes, Level 3 chargers are used, but these are usually made for commercial charging sites.

Seeing how EVs rely on battery power with the help of a conventional gasoline motor, they can travel much farther on a single charge than hybrids. Other times, this car is referred to as a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). This term makes it easier to differentiate between the BEVs and hybrids that run on both battery power and gasoline engines.


HEVs are Hybrid Electric Vehicles. As mentioned above, these types of vehicles utilize both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, which uses that stored energy within the battery. 

One benefit of opting for a hybrid vehicle is the ability to charge your batteries through regenerative braking. Every time the car comes to a stop, kinetic energy is stored and used to charge the battery which helps the gasoline engine accelerate the vehicle. 

Drivers prefer HEVs because of their unmatched fuel economy numbers and dependency on battery power, which reduces how much gas is actually used.

There are even different types of hybrids to choose from. One is nicknamed a micro or mild hybrid. This vehicle uses both an electric motor and a battery to start up the car. While it cannot solely rely on electricity, it boosts fuel economy by turning off the gasoline engine in the middle of a full stop. The other type of HEV is called a full hybrid, and this vehicle has the ability to move on electricity alone, although this is better suited for short distances.


Last but not least is the plug-in hybrid, also known as a PHEV. This type of vehicle is similar to that of an HEV in the same sense that both have a battery-powered electric motor and gasoline engine. The difference is that the plug-in runs mainly on its electric motor, and won’t dig into the gasoline engine until the battery completely runs out of power.

Overall this system can reduce the amount of gas used by up to 60 percent. In addition, plug-ins can travel up to 40 miles without gasoline, compared to only a few miles with a traditional hybrid vehicle.

Types of PHEVs:

  • EREVs (Extended Range Electric Vehicles) or series plug-in hybrids, have an electric motor push the vehicle, while the gasoline engine is responsible for generating electricity. When the battery runs out, the electricity in the engine’s stored electricity seizes the power of the vehicle.
  • Meanwhile, parallel or blended PHEVs have their internal combustion engines and electric motors to move the car together.

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