Dodge Charger and Challenger receive new security code Vehicle Theft protection software

Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis

Joyride and theft begone.

A new upgrade has arrived for a pair of Dodge vehicles that are particularly targeted for vehicle theft. The Dodge Challenger and Chargers powered by the 392-cu-in. HEMI V8 or the supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 now have a new software update that is intended to thwart auto theft on the two muscle cars.

The automaker announced a new software upgrade for the vehicles to prevent joyrides and thefts by forcing the owner to authorize the vehicle’s use via a four-digit security code on the existing Uconnect infotainment system. The anti-theft feature limits the vehicle’s top speed to 675 rpm if a code is not used to unleash the full engine power, essentially keeping the car at a cruising speed near idle.

“Today, Dodge is launching a new owner-customized ‘double verification’ security system. When flashed into the computer of affected 2015 or newer Dodge muscle cars, the protective software will limit the engine output to less than 3 horsepower, foiling fast getaways and joyrides,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge Brand Chief Executive Officer — Stellantis.

All qualifying vehicles made 2015 and after can get the upgrade at their local dealer.

Receiving the Upgrade for Free 

Because vehicle threat is such a serious issue for Dodge, they chose to make the offer available for free for any qualifying vehicle between 2015-2021.

The update is applied through the Uconnect infotainment system in the vehicle and receives second-level security encryption specific for the driver. 

“More than 150 cars are stolen every day in the United States,” added Kuniskis. “For any car owner, it’s terrible, it’s a hassle, and it’s a personal violation. Though statistically rare, car thieves have targeted the high-powered Dodge muscle cars, and we want the Dodge ‘Brotherhood’ to know we’re taking quick action and covering their backs.” 

In order to curb that problem for many Dodge owners, the automaker has made quick work to idle the powerful vehicles if the correct code isn’t entered. Both the 392-cu-in. HEMI and the 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI produce a measly 2.8 horsepower and 22 lb-ft of torque if a thief were to try and runoff after stealing a vehicle. The update doubles as a public safety upgrade with the idea of preventing high-speed chases and collisions.

Double encryption is becoming more common for consumers across all platforms, devices, and items and has finally made its way to Dodge muscle car customers. According to the automaker, the update is only the first step towards protecting Dodge owners from theft, with plans to expand and enhance more advanced security features down the line. Eligible Dodge Challenger or Charger owners are encouraged to visit their local dealer to get the update—including University Dodge— to schedule a free Security Mode installment appointment. The update is expected to arrive sometime in the early second quarter of 2021.

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