2021 Jeep Jamborees will be safer than ever thanks to SPOT technology partnership

Photo credit: Jeep

It’s that time of year when Jeep enthusiasts get to whip out their off-roading vehicles for a series of all-terrain adventures across the country for the Jeep Jamboree series. 

This year, Jeep is welcoming a new partner and sponsor that will aim to make its Jeep Jamboree USA events safer than ever.

Global satellite company SPOT will be joining forces with the automaker to provide safe tracking, mapping, emergency response, and more throughout this year’s events.

As one of the leading providers in the satellite messaging space, SPOT will provide its range of services for Jeep drivers to use when on the trails for all scheduled events on the 2021 tour list. The Jeep Jamboree is expecting to see thousands of riders across the country participate in its events using the GPS services provided by SPOT.

SPOT services currently range over 100 countries and have led to over 7,500 rescues. The data and technology provided throughout the event will provide Jeepers with an extra cushion of confidence that they will not be left behind in case of an emergency. 

“Many Jeep Jamboree events occur in areas that are remote, and connectivity is sometimes problematic,” said Pearse Umlauf, President, and CEO of Jeep Jamboree. “For us, the partnership made sense, as SPOT allows us to bring that connectivity to our attendees through satellite-powered technology that is always on and always available.”

The Event Lineup 

This year’s Jeep Jamboree is jam-packed with exciting events across all terrains spanning a host of states. 

Some big names on the list include

  • 6th Table Mesa 2021 event in Anthem, Arizona on March 4th-6th
  • Texas Jeep Jamboree will take place on March 18th through the 20th in Llano, Texas
  • Arch Canyon 2021 from April 22nd-24th in Blanding, Utah
  • 23rd Moab event on October 21-23

“The Jeep Jamboree is the premiere event for adventure-seeking Jeep owners. As an official satellite communication partner, we’re excited to bring connectivity and safety to those who off-road regularly in their Jeep,” said Dave Kagan, CEO of Globalstar, parent of SPOT.

Technology and innovation will pave the way for drivers at this year’s events and will certainly provide the opportunity to display its advantages. 

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