The 5 Best Hidden Restaurants In Florida

Dixie Crossroads in Titusville, Florida, USA. Photo:

If during these times you find your mind wandering about dining out again, you may want to head into these five hidden gems found all around Florida! From seafood to sandwiches to the Dessert of the Day, all of these restaurants are not well-known but may have some of the best meals you have ever had.

  1. Dixie Crossroads, Titusville

Founded in 1983, Dixie Crossroads has been serving wild, ocean-caught seafood. The menu contains some of the best catches in Port Canaveral, Florida. Dixie Crossroads Restaurant also serves sandwiches, specialty dishes, various shrimp platters and even a Dessert of the Day (just ask your server). The restaurant is located at 1475 Garden Street, Titusville FL 32796. For more information, you may visit the Dixie Crossroads website.

The Crab Legs and Lobster at Dixie Crossroads Restaurant. Photo:
  1. Eli’s BBQ, Dunedin
The ribs at Eli’s BBQ. Photo:

Eli was serving hickory smoked pork sandwiches topped with homemade BBQ sauce and coleslaw on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square in 2011. He and his friend Drew cashed in their life savings to open a brick-and-mortar in Cincinnati’s East End after being successful that summer. You can recognize the locale by a sign with an outline of a pig, Eli’s BBQ is unique in that it was developed based solely on word of mouth. 

The restaurant now has multiple locations to dine in and to choose from including in Dunedin, Florida. They may be found at 360 Skinner Blvd., 34698. Please visit their Facebook page or the Eli’s BBQ website for more information on their food and their history.

  1. 19/98 Grill & Country Store, Fanning Springs
Photo: 19/98 Grill Facebook page

This cute little roadside stop is as all-inclusive as its menu. At this stop on the road, you may find a variety of things to eat like sandwiches, seafood and barbecue. They are located at 17110 US-19, Fanning Springs, FL 32693. You may visit the 19/98 Grill & Country Store Facebook Page for more information.

  1. Corky Bell’s, East Palatka

Charles “Corky” Bell opened his restaurant in 1979 at Pacetti’s on Trout Creek. Many people flock to this location to feast on perfectly crispy fried, broiled, blackened, or grilled fish and shellfish. Since opening Corky Bell’s in Palatka with his wife Betty, he has created an array of specialty dishes from Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Creamy Seafood Alfredo’s, Corky’s Stuffed Fish and Swamp Treats like Gator Tail and Frog legs. This waterfront restaurant is located at 185 South Highway 17, East Palatka, Fl 32131. Visit Corky Bell’s Seafood Restaurant website to learn more.

  1. Rutabaga Cafe, Chattahoochee

This unique restaurant offers both farming and fine dining! Come on in and experience this quiet little cafe. The cafe specializes in Southern classics, steaks and seafood. Their address is 23 Jackson St, Chattahoochee, FL 32324. You may visit Rutabaga Cafe’s Facebook Page for more information.

Photo: Rutabaga Cafe Facebook Page.
Photo: Rutabaga Cafe Facebook Page.
Photo: Rutabaga Cafe Facebook Page.