Boat-In Movie Theatre(s) Have Arrived in Florida

A boat movie theater courtesy of Ballyhoo Media on the beach at Haulover Sandbar in Miami, Florida, USA on July 6, 2019. Photo: Ballyhoo Media Facebook

Crank up the old boat and get yourself to a marina now!

A “boat-in” movie theatre is finally in our midst. During these uncertain times, entertainment venues and entertainment in general is limited. The coronavirus has taken over our lives and still forces many of us to limit our outdoor activities. We can’t even go to the beach without facing some kind of phased guideline restriction.

Well fear no more, because here comes a unique experience you can partake in even when a global pandemic is going on. In various cities in Florida such as Orlando and Miami there has arrived what is known as a drive-in movie theater, but on the water. An Australian water-based company called Ballyhoo Media is responsible for the idea thanks to their work in bringing a giant, 45-foot screen to South Florida. With Ballyhoo Media’s screen attendees watched the 2020 Super Bowl live on Sunday, February 2 at the Super Bowl Party in Virginia Key Beach Park.

Ballyhoo Media will treat Miami again by hosting a screening of “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, July 25 on Biscayne Bay in front of the old Miami Marine Stadium in Virginia Key. A double sided, 60-foot-high floating LED screen will show the Johnny Depp classic.

“The concept has become popular all across the world as a fun and safe way for people to enjoy a night out during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said a Ballyhoo spokesperson. “With everyone a little tired of their same old ‘quarantine routine,’ here is a night out with your close friends.”

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay 

All boats must abide by Miami-Dade county coronavirus guidelines (i.e. vessels must maintain a 50-foot distance from one another at all times, no rafting and no beaching.) 

Attendees do not have to wear masks while on board. You can check out more information about the events and where to get tickets at the Ballyhoo Media EventBrite page.

In Orlando, another Australian-based company, Beyond Cinema, is bringing their Floating Boat Cinema to Central Florida audiences in September. The event will be made up of 12-24 mini boats, each one required to not hold more than 8 people. Guests will also not be allowed to sit with strangers.

The purchase of an entire boat will be required by the organizers in order to attend to make sure they are surrounded by only family and friends. The floating theater set-up will be in Orlando from Wednesday, September 9 through Sunday, September 13. No official location for the event has been announced yet. To find out more information and to purchase tickets, you may visit the Floating Boat Cinema event website.