Architects & Artists Design Dog Houses To Raise Money For Humane Society Of Tampa Bay

Can you imagine a better way to raise funds for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay than auctioning off one-of-a-kind dog houses?

Well, that’s exactly what the Outdoor Arts Foundation is doing through its BowWow Haus project.

It all started in 2003 when Jay Goulde, the executive director of the Outdoor Arts Foundation, was looking for a follow-up project to the Tampa Bay Tour of Turtles.

“One night, it hit me, like a bolt of lightning!” he explained. “I was having a late-night phone conversation with Jan Stein (as we often do), and she told me about some architecturally designed dog houses that she had seen in the Hamptons. Thus the journey began…”

Goulde was able to recruit 40 renowned artists and architects from all over the globe to create pieces that would go on display all around Tampa Bay. Since the project’s inception, a total of 62 kennels have been built.

Last year, the Outdoor Arts Foundation teamed up with Blue Cross for Pets, a United Kingdom charity that cares for homeless pets, to create the BowWow Haus London exhibit.

Affectionately referred to as barkitecture, five of the doggy designs are back in Tampa for an online auction. The available pieces are as follows:

“Dogs Rule” by Eileen Goldenberg

“This kennel features over 20,000 pieces of gold and silver costume jewelry, along with objects d’art from Eileen’s travels. The top of the kennel is removable to give viewers a look inside, and a drawbridge allows for a royal entrance to this fabulous work of art.”

Starting Bid: $1,000

“Game of Bones” by Heather Richardson

“The ‘Game of Bones’ kennel features mosaic mirrors and bones made of polymer clay. Inside the kennel a carpeted floor is installed to keep your pup’s paws dry.”

Starting Bid: $500

“Kable the Kennel Table” by PLYable Design & EDable Architecture

“Here’s the Kable, where kennel meets table! Dogs love to hang out under the dinner table, so why not make that space a bit more purposeful! When the sun is shining, wheel it out and turn it into a table by raising the roof. With the red roof down, it pays homage to the iconic Snoopy kennel design.”

Starting Bid: $500

“The Dog Decorator” by Jim Warren

“Famed surrealist Jim Warren created this amazing kennel complete with a portrait of a King Charles spaniel on one side and a cartoon on the other. The roof of the kennel is painted with Warren’s signature sunset framed with a multi-color heart.”

Starting Bid: $1,000

“Travel Kennel” by Studio Lisboeta in collaboration with Base Models

“Studio Lisboeta designed this kennel to look like a super-sized travelling bag and statement accessory. The kennel was designed for a small dog and includes a snug seat, a ‘window’ to look out, and a feeding bowl. The shelter provided by the weather-resistant material was produced using only four boards of construction-grade plywood.”

Starting Bid: $500

The five dog houses are currently on display on the first floor of the International Plaza and Bay Street shopping mall. They’ll be there until at least June 30, which is when the auction closes.