10 Tallest Buildings in Florida, Ranked by Size

POV of tall buildings in Florida, USA. Photo Credit: Telesniuk/Shutterstock.com

10.    Mansions at Acqualina – 643 feet

The condos here certainly provide an impressive view of the nearby Sunny Isles Beach ocean for the residents as they live in a 643-foot-tall building. Even more impressive is the indoor art and the architecture of the building itself. It is just some of the perks of living here.

Residents of the complex have access to a private cinema, on-site spa, and even an area where you can play golf virtually. Non-residents are not allowed in the private residences, but you should definitely check out the glamorous lobby with its 26-foot arched ceiling. For more information, visit the Mansions at Acqualina website.

The proud sign outside of the Mansions at Acqualina Resort & Spa in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. Photo Credit: www.acqualinaresort.com/

9. Wells Fargo Center – 647 Feet

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An aerial view of the Wells Fargo Center in Downtown Miami, FL. Photo Credit: https://www.wellsfargocentermiami.com

The Wells Fargo Center (formerly the Met 2 Financial Center) measures 647 feet in height and was constructed in 2010. While many offices are located here, there are also many dining options and places to just sit and look out at the astonishing view that tourists and locals alike are welcome to enjoy.

*Fun fact* Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal –a tall individual himself — helped to build the structure. O’Neal formed a real estate firm called The O’Neal Group, which undertook the Metropolitan Miami project in the central business district of downtown Miami. The Wells Fargo Center was also part of the Metropolitan Miami project. Find out more about this story and the building itself on The Wells Fargo Center website.

8.        MUSE – 649 Feet

The Muse building offers world-class architecture and stunning views, right on the beach. Like the Mansions at Acqualina, this building houses condos overlooking Sunny Isles Beach, but stands at an even taller 649 feet. The resort-style residence building has similar amenities as the Mansions including a vanishing-edge pool and spa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Designed by Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, the luxurious building has 68 units that each contain a sculpture by Albanian contemporary artist Heidon Xhixha. Residents of Muse feel like they’re living in the future, with speakers built into the wall of every room that can connect to their music accounts. Residents also have the option of “ordering” their car parked through an app. Please visit the Muse website (which is really cool) for more information about the building and the beautiful residences.

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A sunset over the Atlantic Ocean with the city in the background at the Muse building in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. Photo Credit: http://www.museresidences.com/

7.   900 Biscayne Bay – 650 Feet

900 Biscayne Bay is another impressive residential skyscraper in Florida. At 650-feet tall, the building is 1.5 million square feet and consists of 516 condos (with 800 parking spaces.) The first three floors of the building are totally tourist-ready with places to shop and dine.

If you’re a resident, however, you have access to a climate-controlled therapy pool as well as a concierge and valet service. If a luxury condo is not in your budget, you can enjoy a coffee with friends at their resident cafe. The 900 Biscayne Bay website has more information for you if you’d like to learn more about this awe-inspiring building.

900 Biscayne Bay Miami condos
The 900 Biscayne Bay building in Miami, FL. Photo Credit: https://www.900biscaynebaymiamicondos.com/

6.   Paramount Miami World Center – 700 Feet

This colossal building is considered the home of many well-off residents, let’s just say. The tower boasts the largest amenity deck in the entire United States; the first few floors offers many dining and shopping options for residents and guests.

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The Paramount Miami World Center in Miami, FL holds its own among the other buildings with its impressive height and beauty. Photo Credit: www.paramountmiami.com/

The 90-foot deck has the country’s first-ever outdoor soccer field to be featured in a high-rise residential development. The building also houses two tennis courts and a pool alongside multiple bungalows. It sounds worth it to at least visit this complex just to see these awesome amenities. Please visit the Paramount Miami World Center website for more information.

5.   Marquis – 703 Feet

Rising 67 stories and standing 679 feet above sea level, Marquis Residences is the fifth tallest building in Miami. You may be able to at least rent a hotel room if you can’t afford a residence there. The first three floors of this tower are places to shop, while floors five through fourteen can be booked for a short stay.

Marquis Residences
Marquis Miami. Photo Credit: https://www.miamicondoinvestments.com/marquis-condos

All the floors above them are for the long-term residents. Should you be fortunate enough to buy yourself a condo at Marquis, some of the amenities available to you are high-speed elevators controlled by touchpad, climate-controlled storage facilities, and 10-20-foot-tall ceilings. The gorgeous view of the ocean and the skyline of Miami Beach isn’t bad, either. Visit the Marquis website to see for yourself, even if online.

4. One Thousand Museum – 709 Feet

miami beach luxury condos
The helipad on the roof of the One Thousand Museum building in Miami, FL. Photo Credit: www.1000museum.com/building/

The One Thousand Museum building was only completed just last year in 2019. Despite having “museum” in its name, the building is actually just high-rise condominiums. The building got its name from the park across the street, Museum Park.

It was designed by the British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, who sadly passed away aged 65 in 2016 of a heart attack before she could see the finished product. The unique curving of the structure gave this building the nickname “the scorpion tower.” These condos seem to be reserved only for the most exclusive of buyers, as the tower has a private rooftop helipad that residents may use to gain access into the building. Check out the One Thousand Museum website for more information.

3. Southeast Financial Center – 764 Feet

The Southeast Financial Center (formerly known as the First Union Financial Center and the Wachovia Financial Center) held the title of “Tallest Building in the Southeastern United States” from 1983 (when it was constructed) to 1987.

*Fun Fact* The Wesley Snipes film Drop Zone and multiple episodes of the hit television show Miami Vice were filmed here.

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The Southeast Financial Center in Downtown Miami, FL. Photo Credit: http://www.southeastfinancialcenter.com/

This 55-story, 1.2 million-square-foot building houses multiple restaurants, offices, and hotels. The tower is also environmentally friendly, having been awarded LEED-EB certification at the Gold level by the U.S. Green Building Council. To learn more, please visit the Southeast Financial Center website.

2. Four Seasons Hotel Miami – 789 Feet

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The Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Miami, FL. Photo Credit: www.werentbrickell.com

The Four Seasons Hotel and Tower was the tallest building in all of Florida for fourteen years until it was only recently surpassed in 2017 by the Panorama Tower. The construction cost was $379 million, so rooms can get expensive to rent here at the hotel.

The stay is worth it, though. You will have access to a two-acre, rooftop pool terrace – one of the best views of the city of Miami. While the building is mostly dedicated to being a hotel location, the lower floors offer office space for rent and condos for permanent residence on the higher floors. Find out more on the Four Seasons Hotel website.

  1. Panorama Tower – 868 Feet
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The Panorama Tower facing Biscayne Bay and the city of Miami Beach. Photo Credit: www.panoramatower.com/

The City of Miami and the Federal Aviation Administration approved construction of the building all the way back in 2006, but the recession which started at the time put those plans on a temporary hold.

Work on the project began again in 2012 thankfully and construction on the tower was officially completed in 2017. A visit to the Panorama Tower top deck will leave you dumbfounded (if you are not afraid of heights). You may find out more on the Panorama Tower website.