For future BEVs, Stellantis will invest $155 million in a new electric drive module

Photo Source/Copyright: Stellantis Media

Automobile manufacturer Stellantis declared in 2021 that it will soon be focusing more of its efforts on battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and alternative fuels. Subsequently, in 2022, Stellantis unveiled Dare Forward 2030 as its new corporate strategy. The new Ram 1500 REV had its grand debut, appearing at various auto exhibitions, including the 2023 Chicago Motor Show, and a tease of an all-electric Jeep appeared. We also learned about Stellantis and Amazon’s collaboration on the STLA SmartCockpit during Dare Forward 2030, which will change car interiors. Stellantis has invested $155 million into three Indiana manufacturing facilities to advance the development of a new electric drive module, with new STLA frames and bodies being created for future versions (EDM).

“While we continue our successful transition to a decarbonized future in our European operations, we are now setting those same foundational elements for the North American market…By combining the benefits of the EDM with our new BEV-centric platforms and innovative battery technologies, we will offer our customers a variety of electric vehicles with unparalleled performance and range at more affordable prices. And with our in-house manufacturing capabilities and expertise, we will do it with greater flexibility and efficiency.” – Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO

The Chrysler Airflow Concept gave us our first glimpse of what the SmartCockpit would include at the CES in 2022, and the STLA SmartCockpit gave us another look at what it could do in 2023. The SmartCockpit, also known as “Chrysler Synthesis,” is a collection of technologies that function together, ranging from a virtual assistant to (eventually) higher levels of autonomy. The future automobile may resemble a lounge on wheels more so than a traditional automobile. The STLA SmartCockpit makes it possible for customers to stay on schedule for a video conference, find a place to charge up and grab a bite to eat, or simply contact their smart speaker from inside the vehicle. New features can be added seamlessly with software updates thanks to the STLA Brain’s full Over-the-Air (OTA) capability.

An all-in-one solution for BEV powertrains is provided by the new EDM Stellantis is investing in. This EDM, which consists of three key parts: the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission, will provide the foundation for future STLA Big and STLA Frame platforms. According to reports, many, if not all, of Stellantis’ upcoming models will utilize one of these platforms. The STLA L-Series is already being manufactured at the Windsor, Ontario, Canada Assembly Plant. Performance and range will be improved by fusing the three primary parts into a single module, which can also be sold for less money. When BEVs begin to gain popularity and materials for them become more expensive, Stellantis may be able to gain an advantage in the market. A feat in and of itself, the new EDM’s estimated range is up to 500 miles.

To enable its switch to BEV models, Stellantis has invested close to $3.3 billion in Indiana plants since 2020. The $643 million expenditure to create a new engine for potential PHEV applications is also included in this. All of this is being done in the name of carbon neutrality, with a net-zero carbon target by 2038. The Daring Forward 2030 business plan has many other objectives as well.

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